Friday, August 14, 2015

Virginia Lake Park Run - Reno Nevada


From our hotel room at the Peppermill Reno I spotted a lake not too far in the distance.  Naturally I was curious to see what this body of water was and on my Wednesday morning run I decided to head on out.

It wasn't too hard to find and after about half a mile I found myself running laps on the packed dirt trail that lined the 1 mile long lake.  It was extremely well groomed, had (not clean) bathrooms and drinking fountains and there were plenty of other walkers and runners.

I really enjoyed the scenery and usually I am not big into running mindless laps around anything, but it was something new.  I wound up running (I think) about 4 laps around the lake and snapped a variety of pictures along the way.

The lake doesn't look like it was swim-able on account it looked like a case of swimmer's itch just waiting to happen.  There was also a green film over the lake.  Most of the people there were walking their dogs and you could tell the locals were definitely taking advantage of the park setting.  The area was definitely being gentrified and a new set of condos had recently been built.  If I lived in Reno and needed to get in a quick run with minimal fuss, I would certainly take advantage of this:

You can see the Peppermill Reno in the distance

A rock garden display

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