Wednesday, November 14, 2018

2018 Las Vegas Half Marathon Race Recap - Las Vegas Nevada

Official Time: 2:03:53
Placement: 305th out of 1080 in the Males 45-49, 1888 out of 6902 men, 2927th overall
Results:  Here
Race WebsiteHere
Weather: Upper 50's, slight wind from the south
Garmin Dump: Here
Previous Years: [2017] [2016] [2015] [2014] [2013] [2012] [2011] [2010] [2009]

Mile TimeComments
18:51Bunched in at the start but off to an okay start
48:40Back to the crowds here so got some energy
68:41Maybe this is "my" race... feeling good
79:03Feeling warm. The 1:55 pacer is out of site at this point
99:12Darn it. I know I am going to hurt
1110:09Way off pace.  Shambling along. Wish the race was over
1210:29Thank goodness I am only doing the half
13.2902:38Sad finish... but glad to be done.
Total Miles: 13:29 2:03:56


The Las Vegas marathon was my first marathon.  I trained with a group way back in 2009 and I really didn't have a plan in mind, other than maybe I'd do the full marathon in Las Vegas.  Mind you, I didn't have a plane ticket, I didn't register for the race, I just trained for it.

Kind of dumb, I know. 

Most people pony up a ton of money for a marathon, mark it on their calendar and go to it.  Me?  I just sort of trained and if things went well, maybe I'd go to it.

I love Nevada (if you can't tell) and any excuse I can combine my passion for Nevada, gambling, buffet-eating, and running, I am in.

This year was extra special.  It was the 10th anniversary of the race and since I had run every edition of the Las Vegas marathon since its inception, my name was put on a board along with about 60-ish other runners who have shown up for every edition.

I can't think of too many things I've done every year for 10 years, but the Vegas marathon is one of them. I've lived in 4 states, have had 5 addresses, and 4 jobs in that time.  I've grown up, matured, and really found my passions in life and I think it was because of this race to some extent that I mustered up the courage to do some of the things I've wanted to do instead of sort of hoping they'd happen on their own.

Last year, I registered to do the marathon for this year at the expo.  I figured I'd be doing it every year until I couldn't do it any more.

Last year's marathon didn't go well and I haven't run really long any time since (I think I've done 1 18 miler).  I started to train in September to do the full for this year and my heart wasn't in it. So I did something sane:  I switched to the half.

Thank goodness I did.

The RnR people were super cool about it and let me switch free and relatively hassle free (it took a few emails) but everything was good to go when I got to the Expo on Saturday to pick up my bib and shirt.

As usual the expo was bustling with people and they had my name up on a banner, I got a deck of cards and a metal cup to commemorate my ten years and a healthy congratulations.  I also signed up for year #11 and snagged myself another t-shirt.

I did manage to get out of the expo without buying anything.  I have a backlog of gels, shoes, and I have more shirts than I know what to do with.... so money saved there.

The finish line around noon

The Race

The Las Vegas marathon is a night race.  It starts at 4:30 PM -- just as the sun as setting.  It is indeed dark and the lights of the strip are definitely a draw.  

The race is also a large one.  This year they boasted of over 40,000 runners, which would be their biggest year yet.

I was attempting to run a 1:55, which given a lower elevation than some of my other half marathons, I thought was realistic.  This course is also fairly flat and my training had gone fairly well.  So I was in corral #10.

I jumped into fairly early and found myself a place to sit where I wouldn't get stepped on.  Word to wise: you are going to be there for a while so find a place to sit, otherwise you'll be standing for a minimum of 20 - 40 minutes.  The time went by quickly though and I made small talk with the folks around me.

I didn't have to go to the bathroom -- thank goodness.  There were absolutely no bathrooms once you got into the starting pens.  And even if you had to go to the bathroom you'd have to fight your way through a ton of people just to get to them. Luckily I hadn't over hydrated and I was fine.

The race started in front of Planet Hollywood (or so) and ran south towards the airport and past the Las Vegas Welcome Sign.  Then it came back and you proceeded on the west side of Las Vegas Blvd before passing the starting line again and jumping onto the east side of the road.  Then you made the long trek to the downtown area while passing all the casinos lining Las Vegas Blvd.

I didn't have any lofty goals for this race, but I was feeling pretty good.  I was well rested, most of my training runs leading up to the race were good and I just felt like I was on target to run a decent race.

Famous last words....

I had stuffed some throw away gloves and I wound wearing them until the start of the race.  I kept them throughout the race and they were much appreciated once I finished.

I wasn't too bright and wore two short-sleeved shirts.  I am not sure why but I guess I was afraid of getting a little chilled while waiting for the start.  Dumb me.  I was surrounded by people, so I was warm and as the race wore on, it made me feel warmer.  I certainly wasn't going to dump one of my treasured Las Vegas marathon shirts so I wound up suffering through the race feeling a little warmer than I'd like to.

It took about 15 minutes for me to reach the starting line and I was excited to get the race going.  I was near the front of my section so I was able to get off to a decent start.  I wasn't too hemmed in and yes there were some walkers and clearly some runners who over estimated their times but for the most part, I didn't have many complaints.

I found the 1:55 pacer and hung with him or at least kept him in my sites as we made our way to the airport.

Within 10 minutes of starting the race it was really pretty dark.  The race organizers had plenty of lights and I could always see clearly.  You still have to watch out for any cracks in the pavement, but generally the road was in good shape.

I felt good and I also felt like my pace was faster than what it was.  I was sort of shocked to see a 9 minute mile for the first mile.  I felt like I had run an 8:30 or so.  That was another warning sign I guess.

I felt like I was holding back for the first 3 miles and I felt good. This could be my race, I kept telling myself.

I was carrying my own Powerade.  I wouldn't have done this but I wanted some place to store my phone while I ran (I have a belt).  There were plenty of water stops with really good volunteers.

I was disappointed with the bathroom situation.  For a race of this size there were hardly any bathrooms on the course.  I saw maybe 10 of them on the entire course.  Seriously.  When I reached the first one, I saw about 10-15 people waiting. 

Occasionally I'd see guys run into the bushes or go against the side of a building.  Many of the businesses had security out to prevent people relieving themselves against their property.  It was just unfortunate.

Luckily I didn't have to go that badly but I would've been hard pressed had I.

Once I got back to the Excalibur I was nearly 4 miles into the race.  I still felt good and the crowd really got me excited.  They had the usual signs, kids high fiving you and women promising sex & beer at the finish.  It was great and I think it helped my pace.

By the time I reached the 10K part I felt okay.  A little tired, a little warm but my pace was solid.  I was still training the 1:55 pacer but it sort of seemed hard to keep up with him.  Was he going too fast?

I told myself to run my own race.

By mile 7 or 8, I was feeling it.  Sometimes was just off in my gut.  Probably too much rich food leading up to the race.  I felt really warm and to be honest, I just wanted to be done. 

This was sort of the dull stretch of course too.  You are approaching the down town area and the crowds are gone and you have a lot of people who seem to be lost on the sidewalks.  It is just a rough part of town.  Also the constant smell of weed (marijuana), porno shops, quickie wedding stuff... .just wasn't holding my interest.

The 1:55 pacer was gone and I knew my pace was slowing down.  How bad was this race going to get?

I was tempted to stop and use a bathroom -- perhaps that would help and I did find a bank of about 20 toilets but they were a solid 100 yards of the course and I decided I didn't need to go that badly.

Seeing Fremont Street was a welcome site and at that point I knew I was headed back to the finish.  There was a bit of a breeze coming at me at this point and it was sort of frustrating.  It would've been nice to have a trail wind (it also explains why my pace going out was a bit faster).

I had been passing a lot of people on my way out and now I they were getting their comeuppance on me.  It seemed like droves and droves of people were passing me as I shambled along.  Thank God I wasn't doing the full marathon.  I kept repeating to myself and when I saw them peel off from us around mile 10 or 11, I thanked myself yet again.  I certainly didn't have a full marathon in me.

I just wanted to be done.  I kept telling myself to dig deep but there wasn't anything.  My stomach wasn't having it, my legs were sort of tired and I just couldn't get any oxygen.  All the energy and Person Records dreams were gone and I just wanted to finish without walking.

I shook my fist at the running Gods when the 2:00 pacer passed me.  If I couldn't break 1:55 at least I wouldn't run over 2 hours -- or so I thought.

I kept at it and kept working each quarter mile down. Sooner or later I would finish and I kept remembering that the final few miles were like an easy run on my bike trail.  I could do it.

And I did.  I kept a brave face when I went through the picture areas but I was really hurting.  I just felt way way off.  I was so exhausted upon crossing the finish line that I was just thrilled to grab my medal and rest against a fence.


Shari had spotted me coming in and she had warmer clothes for me and a Coke.  Coke totally settles my stomach after a race.  I worked up the energy to get near her where she tossed it over the fence and I could change into something warmer.  I sipped gingerly at the Coke as well.

I felt so light headed and I wound up dry heaving a bit.  I am not sure why.  It wasn't like I hammered the pace.  In fact, my finishing pace was like the death march of a full marathon.

I haven't been feeling all that well and my sinuses haven't been happy.  It turns out I could have some allergies and I had even been to the doctor for it a few days before leaving for Vegas.  I have had a lot of mucus build-up and sinus pressure.  It has affected my breathing as well.

It took about 5 minutes before I knew I wasn't going to pass out.  Even a medic came to check on me.  I was mad at myself.  I could understand feeling that way after a marathon, but a half?  What the hell was wrong with me?

2018 Las Vegas Half Marathon Medal

The exit is about a quarter mile walk from the finish line... maybe even longer.  Basically from the south end of the Mirage, past the epic-sized Caesar's Palace and then to the north end of the Bellagio.  I was pretty cold despite a jacket and gloves.  I grabbed some of the freebies they were handing out but I was sort of stewing about my sub-par performance.

It is also a little lonely in there.  You are surrounded by runners, some who are in groups and I don't know a soul in there.  Shari had gone back to the hotel and it was just a lonely walk and I felt sort of anonymous about the whole experience.  There definitely wasn't an afterglow of any sort.  We had dinner plans so I couldn't camp out anywhere and relax either, so the whole thing was anti-climatic for me.

Running shirt, 10 year commemorative glass and free t-shirt for next year
It was a long walk back to the Mirage and I was beginning to question myself.  Was I done with long distance running? Am I going to relegate myself to the 5K / 10K now?  I was in a gloomy and sort of sad mood.  My dreams of sub 1:55... gone... It was even discouraging to see the 2 hour pacer fly by me.

Overall, I liked the course.  It was more or less the same as last year, but there was definitely more Las Vegas Strip and less of the glamorous side. 

The shirt was nicely designed and was of a heavy-duty tech material.  Definitely felt thicker than previous editions.  The medal -- kind of ho-hum.  Like most of the other RnR medals, it was heavy in weight but the design... yawn. 

The post race spread was a beer, water, chocolate milk, Gatorade, chips, pretzels, chips, bananas, oatmeal bars, etc.  Pretty standard fare.  I grabbed what I could carry and put in my pockets.  I had no appetite whatsoever (which kind of sucked when I went to a buffet about 30 minutes after finishing).

I paid $99 for the race; a year in advance.  I am running on a one-of-a-kind course so I was happy with the price.  Had I paid $200 for it?  Probably not so much.  But the deal is on this race is to sign up way in advance.  I felt like I got my money's worth on it and I plan on being there next year.  I got a cool shirt, above average medal, an awesome course, course support with enthusiastic volunteers, and there is a strong / energetic vibe.

The course to me, seemed a bit long.  I checked in with a few others and their Garmin was well over 13.10.  My Garmin was on target with all the mile markers from the get go but around the half way point it fell off and kept drifting further and further out.  In the early miles I was zig-zagging so I would expect it to be off from the start, but it seemed to get more off the longer the race. At least the course wasn't short, but it would appear I ran nearly a quarter mile longer.

After 72 hours, I am still a little bummed about my time.  I am not losing sleep over it, but I am definitely not walking on air.  For me, it was just another race with a less than great performance.  Sadly doing the same race each year, you can compare where you were in times past.  10 years ago, I think I ran the half in about 1:45 or 1:50 -- at marathon pace.  Now, that is my goal pace.   Aging / getting older is a tough pill to swallow for this guy.

But I'll be back and I'll try hard (or not) again next year...

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

This Week(s) in Running 10/8 - 11/7

Fall colors along the Jordan River in Salt Lake City

Miles Year to Date:  1651

Running Update

With the cooling temperatures, I am finding myself a little more motivated to run.  I am also finding that my pace is a little better too.  I am itching to see if this translates to any faster times.  The last week or so of training runs have exceeded my expectations.  My volume is a little down, but I think the quality of my runs are better.

Hiking up behind the state capitol building

I also haven't been doing as many races in the month of October and early November.  Usually I go on a decline this time of year on account I am preparing for the Vegas marathon, but this year I don't have that on my plate.  I just really have enjoyed putting in ordinary runs and still having some energy to do some hiking.

Cat Update

Faithful readers may recall that I have been feeding a cat the past few years.  When I came back from Arizona in July we finally "reunited" and it was super excited (I believe it is a female cat) to see me.  In fact, she ran up to me and started to rub against me and meowing a lot.

We have since generated a pattern and she meets me on the bike trail at the same exact spot around 4:30. She is now there every day waiting for me.  I dump food for her and she eats it and I give her some rubs and clean her up a bit.  I am tempted to bring her in, but so many things can go wrong when bringing a cat -- particularly one that might be a feral -- into a house and to make it worse, I already have a well-behaved cat.  Sometimes adding a new cat to an existing one is a recipe for trouble.

Las Vegas Marathon

In September I realized my training wasn't going well and I just wasn't motivated to do the full marathon again.  It would've been my 10th year in a row doing the Vegas one.  The last half dozen marathons I've done haven't gone very well and I didn't want to put myself through another one.

So I dropped down to the half.

I am sort of okay with that.  Part of my ego is bruised and the streak is going to be over, but I am going to be participating in the race.  It will be year #10 of making a presence.  I am getting a special bib and my name on a banner, so that is cool but this year won't be as brag worthy.  I can't think of too many things I've done 10 years in a row so this is pretty special.  Also it is pretty cool that I had the "nutz" to sign up for this race in 2009 and head out to Vegas solo and do it.

In that time, I've moved from Illinois to Utah to Arizona and then back to Utah.  I've had nearly half a dozen addresses and 4 jobs.  Still amazing all the races and miles I've put in since I started this marathon "thing" back in 2009.

However... this year I finally get to race it. I am running pretty well and am eager to pick up the pace and if the weather and situation presents itself (I can maintain a decent pace), I'd like to really try hard at this race.  The weather looks ideal but they are forecasting 20 mph winds...

Also this year I can finally enjoy Las Vegas.  When running the marathon I had to stay off my feet, watch exactly what I ate (and most of the time failing), and obsessing about the weather and whether my training would hold up.  That pressure is gone.

Fall Running

Finally, I love fall running.  The weather is usually perfect.  It gets dark earlier and the leaves are changing.  It is just a joy to run.  In years past I've sort of missed it as I was tapering for the marathon -- and just about every run was dictated by a schedule.  This year, I've really enjoyed just logging miles and enjoying the fall weather.  If I feel like running 12 miles at half marathon pace, then that's what I do.  I've really enjoyed not having a marathon on the horizon.

Upcoming Races

11/11: 2018 Las Vegas Half Marathon - Las Vegas, NV (Confirmed)
11/22: 2018 South Davis Recreation Center Thanksgiving Day 5K - Bountiful, UT (Confirmed)
11/24: 2018 Lamoille Turkey Trot 5K - Lamoille, NV (Confirmed)
12/01: 2018 Santa Run at Gardner Village 5K - West Jordan, UT (Confirmed)
01/19: 2019 St George Half Marathon - St George, UT (Confirmed)
03/02: 2019 March Madness Half Marathon - Bountiful, UT (Confirmed)
03/09: 2019 Sand Hollow Half Marathon (Flat and Fast) - Hurricane, UT (Confirmed)
04/13: 2019 Slc Half Marathon - Salt Lake City, UT (Confirmed)

Sunday, October 21, 2018

2018 South Jordan Half Marathon Race Recap - South Jordan, UT

Official Time: 1:55:05
Placement: 13th in the 45 - 49, 101st overall, 73rd male
Results:  Here
Race WebsiteHere
Weather: Upper 40's with slight wind from the east
Garmin Dump: Here
Previous Years: [2014] [2012]

Mile TimeComments
18:41Conservative but right on target start
38:14Nice downhill section
48:45A quick uphill followed by a fast downhill
58:23Back to the flats
79:30Slow and steady grind here
98:39Good stretch of downhill here. Wishing the rest of the course was this way
118:47Last downhill part
129:13On to the Jordan River bike trail.  Flat but I am totally out of gas
139:27So hard to keep going.
13.070:36Crawl the finish
Total Miles: 13:07 1:55:06


It has been a while since I've run the South Jordan Half marathon.  I thought I had run it more recently than I had, but Athlinks never lies.  When I first moved to Utah I ran the half marathon.  A few years later I jumped into the Full Marathon.

It's primarily a locals race.  Not too many people travel for it and it is popular with area runners looking for a good experience without a lot of fuss, which is what the SoJo race does.

I signed up for it on a whim.  They had a Labor Day special to save like 20% off the entry fee so I figured, why not... $50 or so for a half marathon isn't a bad deal.  There are other races in the area (namely the Haunted Races) but they involve a lot of logistics and the folks at SoJo make it easy to race.

So on Friday night, I drove about 5 miles to the Community Center and picked up my bib, a nice shirt and a swag bag filled with local goodies.

I'll state that I didn't get any on-course pictures.  I ran without my water bottle so I didn't have my phone.  So this will be a fairly "picture less" race.

The Race

I rolled in around 6:15 to get on a 6:30 bus.  They had nice coach buses waiting for us and parking was simple.  The race was held at the business park where there is a large park next to it.  

The race started at 7:30 and I had a short 15 minute-ish ride up the road.  

The race start is in the downtown South Jordan area.  South Jordan is a sort of a yuppie town filled with planned and very clean subdivisions.  It is a great place to raise a family and is very contemporary.  

We were dropped off in front of the South Jordan Medical center. In years past they had heating lamps out but we were left to our own devices.  They had plenty of bathrooms, however.  We had to kill about 20 minutes before the medical center opened and in there we had clean bathrooms and heat.

The race started on time at 7:30.

Right off the bat, I realized that I had a problem.  My running shorts kept dropping down.  A lot of times I wear a canteen around my waist so it keeps my shorts in place.  But this time they were sliding down.  So every .1 of a mile, I'd shimmy them back up.  This went on for a while.  I tried to tie them but I was wearing gloves.  I probably spent the first 2 miles of the race messing around with them before I finally I had them tight. 

The first few miles I just took in stride.  I hung with the 1:55 pacer and I was okay with that.  Given my current fitness level and past times, I figured that is what I'd shoot for.

I was pretty happy with myself to hit all of my targets.  In fact, the 1:55 pacer said he was ahead of schedule. 

The course does get a little around mile 4 when you pass by the South Jordan LDS Temple.  I knew the hill was coming but it doesn't make it any easier.  Luckily after cresting that hill you are rewarded with a fairly nice down hill section.

I was still feeling pretty good at mile 6 although I could feel some fatigue settling in. While it wasn't super warm, I noticed I was working up a pretty good sweat.  Also the course was wearing down on me.  While the course is fine, it isn't super exciting.

It is primarily residential roads as well as running along the bike lanes on some of the busy thorough-faires.

There were some people out cheering.  Primarily families for other runners but none the less, it was nice to get some support and encouragement.

Aid stations, stocked with oranges, bananas, water, Gatorade and even some gel stations were placed about every mile.  I had carried a gel in my back pocket, but it turned out I didn't need it.

By mile 7 the race started to get challenging.  This was a fairly dull stretch that was just an uphill grind.  The hill wasn't serious but it was mentally taxing.  I wasn't too surprised to see my pace fall off here. 

I kept telling myself to hold on.  The 1:55 pacer and I were trading places and he informed me we were still ahead of schedule, so I was okay.  Also I knew from previous experience that miles 8 through 11 were primarily downhill.  They just couldn't come fast enough.

Finally, we turned a corner and I could tell we were now heading down hill.  I was hoping I'd have a little more energy on this part but I was gassed.  My endurance training hasn't been the best and I just sort of coasted down the gentle hill.

It was humbling to see the marathon winner (I believe who ran a 2:32) fly by me. 

It was really nice running down hill with the yellowing trees above me.  I was wishing that the final 5 miles were all like this.

Just after mile 11 we jumped onto the Jordan River Parkway and headed south.  I used to run this stretch all the time before purchasing my house.  I've also run it for many a race so I knew exactly where I was.  It was also kind of boring.  I just wanted to be done in all honesty.

And I was really hurting at this point.  While my pace was an 9:15 and 9:30, I felt like I was running 10+.  I felt like I was on mile 24 of a full marathon.

There were a couple of times I just wanted to walk, but I held on and dragged myself to the finish.

I crossed the finish in 1:55 -- just as I hoped I would!  The 1:55 pacer was about a minute or two ahead of me, so clearly he was right in his estimates.


I was pretty happy with my race.  I had a goal in mind and I made it.  While my time wasn't anything to get super excited about, it was what I felt capable of.

After the race I found a few people I recognized and grabbed a soda and a Fat Boy ice cream sandwich.  They had a festival like atmosphere with tons of medical support as well.  It was a beautiful day and I was more than happy to just sort of kick back and enjoy my accomplishment.

I think I paid around $50 for the race.  They had a Labor Day special for 20% off and I jumped on it.  I got a really nice experience.  The shirt was nicely designed and the medal was good too.  The South Jordan recreation center know how to put on races and this was nicely done.

For those looking for a low-key, local affair, the South Jordan 5K / Half Marathon / Marathon won't disappoint.

Monday, October 15, 2018

2018 Antelope Island 10K Race Recap - Antelope Island, UT

Official Time: 51:40
Placement: 1st in the 45-49, 13th overall, 7th male.
Results:  Here
Race WebsiteHere
Weather: 45F-ish, sunny, slight wind from south
Garmin Dump: Here
Previous Years: [2015] [2013] [2012 (Full marathon)]

Mile TimeComments
18:35Not a bad start considering some climbing here
27:56Nice downhill stretch here.
39:19Hardest mile. Pretty good uphill grind
47:59Make up some time with the out and back downhill
58:34Some up and down hill here
68:29Steady pace
6.110:46Cruise to the finish
Total Miles: 6.11 - 51:40


In year's past I've done the Layton Marathon.  In the past year or two since I've done it, it has been rebranded as the Antelope Island Marathon.

This race is held on Utah's Antelope Island -- a fairly large island stuck in the middle of the Great Salt Lake.  This island has a lot of history and is home to wild birds, buffalo, antelope and the occasional coyote.  It is a state park and has a museum as well as a historical ranch.

It is very popular with tourists, cyclists, as well as the occasional hiker.  It is usually one of the spots I offer to take relatives to when they visit Salt Lake.  It is a beautiful treat -- although it does smell like a stinky lake.

But I digress.  Since I've been there, the race has moved entirely to the island.  In the past, it started somewhere on the island and runners would make their way to Ellison Park in Layton.  The last 8 miles or so of the course weren't terribly exciting and there wasn't even that much of a shoulder on the side of the road to run on.

The race, since then, is now entirely on the island. This is good and bad.  It is very pretty there and you are likely to run / see buffalo and other wild creatures, but you are also on a much hillier course.  While none of the hills are heart breakers the course is decidedly NOT flat.

I always relish the opportunity to visit the lake and while I didn't really want a half marathon I decided that a 10K was worth the trip out there.

The Race

I rolled in around an hour before the race started.  The full marathon had already started and the half was starting on a different section of the island.  So the starting line was pretty much devoid of people.

With race attendance down in general, this didn't surprise me much.  I did get a lousy parking spot, but it was no stress whatsoever picking up my bib / shirt.

I wound up socializing for a while before warming up a bit.  The race started promptly at 9 AM.

I was totally expecting to run along the main drag for about 3.1 miles and then heading back.  However, I was thrown a curve ball when we took the back road.  I've visited the island several times and I can't remember a time I've been on the road.  I am sure I have, but it seemed new to me.

Almost immediately, I was greeted by a hill.  Luckily I was fresh and I could take it.

The field for the 10K was fairly small, probably less than 75 runners.  I was hoping to top 3 it and for a while, my hopes looked like it might happen.  But within the first mile I was probably in 5th place for the males.  I was working off another guy who would stop at the water stops -- and I'd pass him -- and subsequently he'd catch up.

I made it my goal to try and beat him...

The first mile went by pretty quickly.  I was glad to see mile 2, which was primarily downhill.  My pace quickened and I really felt good.

I quickly found myself running with no one behind me but people in front of me.  There were a few top female runners around but overall I was solo.  I was sort of lamenting the fact that I was running the 10K as I felt really solid when I reached the 5K turn around.  I skipped the water station and continued on the Ladyfinger point.

I was really enjoying the race.  My pace felt consistent and overall I was in the groove.  The conditions were really perfect -- other than a bit of a headwind, the temperature was great and I was really enjoying the scenery.

I reached the turn around point pretty gassed.  The 3rd mile had been mostly uphill but I knew I still had a lot in me.  Plus it felt like most of the race had been uphill to this point, and I'd probably get a decent return trip with a bit of wind at my back.  It was kind of cool as I approached the turn around to see a lone buffalo eating off the side of the road.  If I had my phone with me, I'd have stopped to take a photo, but I was racing today...

I grabbed a sip of water and really worked on my turn over.

I think at this point I had dropped the guy I was working off of and I was more or less just working for time.  I figured I had a good shot at an age group award (I really wanted to finish first) but the top 3 -- that was gone.

Mile 5 I did much better than expected I would.  That mile had a fairly long uphill but I knew the finish line was close, so I pushed it.  I was a little humbled when the first place marathoner blew my in the last stretch.... hard to compete against a 2:51 marathoner.

I really pushed hard in the final mile and while I was hoping I'd have done better, I was happy to admit that 51:40 was pretty good on a hilly course.


After the race I grabbed some food and drink. Post race refreshments included ice cream sandwiches, fruit and water / sports drink.

I socialized a bit and awards were handled pretty quickly.  I was ecstatic to win my age group and came home with two nifty medals.  I love the lanyards on them.  Overall, I was very happy with my experience.  I registered late, so the race was a little on the expensive side for a 10K but considering the medals, the nice shirt and entrance to the state park, I thought it was a fair deal.

The course measured up a little short. However, I did measure it on and it looks legit.  I suspect some of the tangents and turns might've confused my Garmin.

After the race I killed some time on the island.  I explored Ladyfinger Point and Buffalo Peak.  It was nice to get up close and personal with the lake. The following pictures are some I took while exploring the island:

Sunday, October 7, 2018

This Week(s) in Running 9/17 - 10/7

Pineview Reservoir

Miles Year to Date:  1462

Random Updates

The past few weeks have been good as far as running goes.  Now that I don't have the stress of a looming marathon, I can dial it back a bit and do a few other things on my weekend.

Overall, my training has been okay.  Nothing stellar, but I am getting in a good amount of short races to work on my speed as well get used to just showing up.  It's been fun doing the shorter races versus the longer ones.

I have been struggling a bit with allergies, however.  Or at least I think it is allergies.  After most runs I do find myself unable to swallow real well, which leads to a gagging sensation.  This has come on in the past few weeks and hasn't been getting better.  It doesn't bother me to run, it more or less comes on in the morning or when I have completed a run.  It isn't fun when I get an attack either.

Hoax Race?

This past Saturday I signed up for a 5K.  It was a haul... like up in Ogden -- about an hour away.  I don't normally sign up for a race that far away but I figured I was desperate for entertainment and I could probably find something to do up there after the race.  Also the money went to a good cause.

So Saturday morning I drove up there only to find no one was there.  I drove up and down the street looking for someone -- anyone -- and no one was there.

Now the first week in October is limited as far as racing goes.  There was a Ragnar and the St George Marathon is happening, so out of a business sense, racing pretty much is shut down.

Whether I was taken in by a scam race or the race was canceled -- I am not sure.  I would think I wouldn't have been the only one taken in and that there'd be other runners there,  but I was the ONLY one there.

Having driven all that way and with the threat of rain looming I didn't really feel like hiking was sane.  So I wound up driving up Ogden canyon and doing a run around the west side of Pineview Reservoir.  I also ran along in Eden.

I've run around there before but it was nice not to have stress of a race and just be able to do my own thing.  It was a really enjoyable run and I got to take in a lot of bucolic scenery.

Upcoming Races

10/13: 2018 Antelope Island 10K - Antelope Island, UT (Confirmed)
10/20: 2018 South Jordan Half Marathon - South Jordan, UT (Confirmed)
11/11: 2018 Las Vegas Half Marathon - Las Vegas, NV (Confirmed)
11/22: 2018 South Davis Recreation Center Thanksgiving Day 5K - Bountiful, UT (Confirmed)
11/24: 2018 Lamoille Turkey Trot 5K - Lamoille, NV (Confirmed)
12/01: 2018 Santa Run at Gardner Village 5K - West Jordan, UT (Confirmed)
01/19: 2019 St George Half Marathon - St George, UT (Confirmed)
03/02: 2019 March Madness Half Marathon - Bountiful, UT (Confirmed)
03/09: 2019 Sand Hollow Half Marathon (Flat and Fast) - Hurricane, UT (Confirmed)
04/13: 2019 Slc Half Marathon - Salt Lake City, UT (Confirmed)