Saturday, July 14, 2018

2018 Farmington Festival Days 10K Race Recap - Farmington, UT

Official Time: 53:48
Placement: 29th out of 96, 21st male out of 45, 3rd in the 40 - 49 age division
Results:  Here
Race WebsiteHere
Weather: 80 degrees, cloudy, with no wind
Garmin Dump: Here
Previous Years: Ran the half in 2012 in 1:41:31

Mile TimeComments
18:41Race starts with an uphill almost immediately.
27:53Fast mile here as most of it is downhill
38:57Reality sets in.  Sort of struggling with a slow uphill. Running with some of the 5Ks
49:04Slow grind uphill again
510:19I think my Garmin lost reception here. 
68:41Trying to turn on the jets
Total Miles: 6.05 - 53:56 (note Garmin likely lost reception)


When I got back to Utah, I immediately hit up to see what the local races were going to be.  As per usual, there is absolutely no shortage of races going on here.

I am not really ready for a half marathon, so I was looking for anything in the 5K / 10K range.  Sure enough the Farmington Festival Days race popped up.

When I first moved to Utah, the race was one of the first half a dozen or so races I did and I had nothing but good memories of it.  It was well organized and had an awesome post race breakfast spread.

The race was fairly cheap (I think about $30) so I figured why not...  and I've always wanted to rerun some of the streets of Farmington, as it is a cozy little town with some mature tree-lined streets.

The Race

I rolled into the race about an hour early.  I remember last time I was there, finding the race location and finding parking was challenging.  This year, that wasn't a problem.  I found ample parking.  I am also going to go out on a limb and say attendance appeared to be down from other years.  I think the race market is flooded and there were ton of choices to run today.

Either way, I meandered over to city hall and picked up my bib and shirt in no time at all.  The race timer is a friend of mine, so I socialized with him and hid out in my car until about 15 minutes before the race started.

After a bit of a warm-up, the race started at 7 AM.

The race initially starts off very discouraging.  You head out a drive way and almost immediately you are greeted with an uphill.  It isn't super long but you immediately begin to question your sanity on why you run these races.  You aren't even into the race and you are already hurting for oxygen.

Luckily, the race levels out and you eventually get a bit of your hill back in subsequent downhills.

I was beginning to panic on the race at the outset.  I wasn't really in the mood to race and I felt like I was getting left behind.  My pace was solid, and I sort of had started in the back, but it seemed like everyone was having no problems with the hill.

I told myself to be patient and that once I got into the groove things would change.

Sure enough, once the hill ended I started making up ground.  I was a bit saddened to see the first mile go by in 8:45.  I was hoping to start off with an 8:30.  But this course was hilly, it was warm and I am still getting re-acclimated to the altitude.

Most of the runners were doing the 5K and they split off from us after about a mile.  I was suddenly looking down Main Street with just a handful of runners.

It was downhill for the time being and I got another boost with a fast downhill that more than made up for the initial uphill.  I was surprised to see I had just run a sub 8 minute mile.  I was hoping that I could hold onto that pace, but it definitely wasn't my day.

I was hurting by the 3rd mile.  We had rejoined with the 5Kers -- they were on their second mile and we were on our 3rd.  We also finally hit a water stop.  There were only 2 this race and I certainly could've used another one.

After another mile we once again separated from the 5K racers.  I was longing to join them when they made their final turn.

I vaguely remembered most of the course and definitely the first mile... as it follows the Handcart Half Marathon final miles.  It was reassuring to be running on familiar ground.

The race eventually led us to the bike trail.  This was the best part of the race for me.  Except for one small part, it was well marked.  The bike trail was heavily treed and I suspect here is where my Garmin lost reception at times.  I was also running solo at this point.  I had passed the folks I was racing against and there wasn't anyone in front of me.  There were a lot of turns and I was worried (a little) about missing one.

I was duking it out with another runner who would pass me and then take a walk break.  I'd over take him and for most of the race we were swapping spots.  I had a hunch he may have been in my age division and while I didn't have a lot of hope that I'd win an age group award, I didn't want to leave anything to chances.  It turns out he and a few others who passed me were in the 50 - 59 age division.  I wound up overtaking him at the 5 mile marker and stepped on the gas to the finish.

The final mile took us back onto the rolling hills of Main street.  The police had cordoned off the important intersections and traffic at 7:45 in the morning wasn't too bad, so we weren't much of a hindrance.  I got a little bit of a second wind in the final mile although I was clearly fading fast.

It was with a huge sense of relief when I finished the race and crossed the finish line.


I grabbed some water and walked around a bit.  My shirt and shorts were drenched.  I had dumped one water cup over me to cool me off, but otherwise it was pretty much 100% sweat. By Utah standards it was kind of a muggy morning.  I am just thankful that it wasn't blazing sun.

I wound up socializing a bit and trying to decide if I was happy with my time.  I wasn't beating myself up and my time was about what I expected it to be.  I haven't gotten in many long runs, it was a hilly course, and I am getting used to the altitude again.  

To my surprise, I wound up finishing in 3rd place in my age group (there were only 4 of us).  I was no expecting that. 

They had a wonderful french toast breakfast at the end.  They advertise as having one of the best post-race breakfasts in Utah and I would agree it is up there.  Definitely worth the price of admission on this one.

The shirt is a cotton shirt.  I probably won't use it much but I like the design.  There were only two aid stations on the course.  I think a 3rd one would've be nice but I survived without it.  Awards and results were done very quickly and in a professional manner.

For the roughly $25 - $30 I paid for the race, I felt like I had gotten my money's worth.  The bathroom situation was fine and even managed to use it minutes before the race. I loved the course too as it offered a lot of variety.  However, it is challenging.  It was certainly good to be back in Farmington.

Friday, July 13, 2018

This Week in Running 6/25 - 7/12 - Back In Utah

Miles to Date: 1010.75


Things were a little rough in Arizona of late.  The temperatures kept climbing and my running seemed to suffer. 

My plan was to get up at 5 AM most mornings, run 4 - 7 miles and get it done.  For a while this worked.  Temperatures were in the lower 80's and by the time it hit 5:30 AM, the sun was blazing.  Most mornings I could tolerate but by the end I was pretty dehydrated.

Once July hit there was another level of hot.  At 5 AM I found it in the low 90's and 4 miles suddenly became challenging. 

To compound matters, I just found myself kind of bored.  After my run or race on the weekends, I'd find myself updating my blog, taking a nap, and then going to a restaurant and eating way too much food.  Then I'd come home, watch some more TV, nap or sit by the pool.  I was 100% bored.  It wasn't fun going outside and I wasn't willing to drive 2 - 3 hours one way each weekend to seek out cooler temperatures.

In short, Phoenix wasn't a good fit for me.

To compound matters, I don't think the job was a super good fit either but that's another story.

So after some soul searching, I opted to return to Salt Lake City.  I hadn't sold my house (or even listed it here) and I was renting a room from my brother, so I had very little reason NOT to return to SLC.  Some of my best years were here and I felt like I had traded down instead of up.

So I made a phone call or two and managed to return to my old job and my house.  In writing this, I have been here only a few days and I feel a huge sense of relief.  I have my old bike trail as well, which I love.


I am a little behind in terms of overall mileage as to I'd like to be.  One of my goals was to hit about 2000 miles for the year.  I came in about 10 days shy.  I haven't ramped up for any mega races (marathons) but I have been running fairly consistently.  I haven't been able to get the mileage in that I'd liked to have had either in Arizona due to the heat.

On the plus side, though, I have been focusing on shorter races.  The start of the year found me doing a ton of half marathons -- in the middle of summer -- I have been focusing on 5Ks.  This has translated into focusing more on speed than endurance.  Unfortunately, even getting in a 7 mile run since returning has been challenging.  I've lost a bit of my endurance.  So I'll be focusing on building that back up.


One of the first thing I did upon returning is to visit Little Cottonwood Canyon to see the wildflowers.  I had been thinking of this canyon ever since July had rolled around.  Usually around this time of year the wild flowers are in full bloom.  

With time in between jobs, I opted to do a my 5 mile jaunt.  It was quite a workout at that altitude, but the altitude didn't bother me as much as I thought it would.

I got some fantastic pictures and I was so thrilled to be back home.

Upcoming Races

07/14: Farmington Festival 10K - Farmington, UT (Confirmed)
07/21: Arizona Sunrise Race Series 5K #5 - Phoenix Area, AZ (Confirmed)
07/21: Handcart Day's Races 5K - Bountiful, UT (Confirmed)
08/04: Arizona Sunrise Race Series 5K #6 - Phoenix Area, AZ (Confirmed)
08/18: Arizona Sunrise Race Series 5K #7 - Phoenix Area, AZ (Confirmed)
11/11: 2018 Las Vegas Marathon - Las Vegas, NV (Confirmed)

Saturday, July 7, 2018

2018 Arizona Sunrise Series #4 5K - Arizona Falls - Phoenix, Arizona

Official Time: 25:30
Placement: 33rd male, 8th out of 23 for the 45 - 49 male, 42nd overall
Results:  Here
Race WebsiteHere
Weather: 93 degrees at start, no wind, sunny
Garmin Dump: Here
Previous Years: Inaugural Year

Mile TimeComments
18:01Boxed in a lot here. Felt good though
28:08I am starting to feel the effects of the heat. 
38:23Hurting here.
3.110:44Really crushed it at the end.
Total Miles: 3.11 - 25:28


Before I came to Arizona, I signed up for the Arizona Sunrise Series.  It is a series of 7 5K races scattered around the Phoenix valley.  Today's race was at the Arizona Falls bike trail.

The Arizona Falls is a spot where water is diverted to various canals in the Phoenix area and is home to a bike trail.  The main attraction here is a waterfall that generates power.  Apparently there is some historical aspect of it, being that it has been used as a water irrigation canal since the Native Americans inhabited the area.

The Race

I got to the race site around 5:30 and managed to snag a pretty awesome parking spot.  Finding the race location wasn't hard and I quickly grabbed my shirt and bib and spent some time checking out the falls.  The smell of stinky fish permeated the air.

It was already 92F degrees according to my phone and car.  It was hot and just walking around made me sweat.  I knew this race was going to hurt and I suspect my time wasn't going to be a terribly good one.  It was though, just a "5K".

The race started at 6:30 and the sun was up and hot at this point.  It easily went up another degree or two. 

The race started on the north side of the canal trail and headed east -- right into the sun.  The first part of the trail is packed dirt.  It was actually pretty nice terrain to run and I was wearing my "fast" shoes with less cushioning on them.  Eventually, though, the trail does come to concrete.

The first mile I was hemmed in pretty good.  The race organizer didn't really encourage people to line up according to pace and I had started about half way back.  The first third of a mile or so was me working my way around people.  It was too bad but it did cost me a few seconds.

I settled into my pace and I could feel the effects of the sun hitting me and my mouth was dry. 

The race director is a pro at this and he had 3 water stops... at about .75 miles each.  I blew through the first one despite feeling the need to pour a cup of water on myself.  Doing so gave me a little bit of open road to work with.

I reached the bridge that crossed the canal and went to the south side just over 1.55 miles.  I was pretty gassed and the darn heat was just weighing down on me.  I was sweating like crazy and at the second aid station I took a tiny sip of water and dumped the rest over my head.  All I wanted was to take an ice cold shower.

I wasn't too surprised to see my mile 2 was slower than my first.  In fact, I was surprised it wasn't slower.  I wasn't getting passed at all though and I was doing some passing, so I knew others were feeling the heat just as much as I was.

Mile 3 was a reality check.  I was hurting and my ears were ringing a bit.  I could feel the first steps of heat exhaustion coming on.

Before race -- south side of trail
I saw some targets ahead of me that I knew I was faster than and I worked my way up to them, passing them.  The race was chipped time so I was pretty sure they had started closer to the front but still, it was satisfying to have something to work off of.

I really pushed it hard to the finish -- turning on the jets as much as I dared to. Sort of shame that the finish line was out of view until 3 miles as I might've hit it a little harder earlier.


I was completely gassed at the end and woozy.  The heat had really gotten to me and the fact that I had pushed it to the end almost put me over the top.

I grabbed some Gatorade and walked it off.  I was sweating profusely and it just wouldn't stop.  I grabbed a banana and ate it and almost regretted it.  I eventually found a shady spot to sit and socialized with whomever decided to sit near me.  It seemed like a lot of people were hit hard by the heat.

Got the letter "Z" on this race
Given the conditions, I ran about as expected.  This course would be fast -- if it was about 40 degrees cooler.  Alas, today it was like running under a hot hair dryer.  Not pleasant at all.

It did take some grit to finish this one.  Yes it was just a 5K but the pain level is a lot higher and it was just not a nice day to run in.  (Did I mention it was semi humid as well?)  But I have now done 3(ish) 5Ks in 8 days.  Not a bad little set of races...

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

2018 Arizona Road Racers Summer Sunrise Series #3 - 4 Miles for the Fourth Race Recap - Peoria, Arizona

Official Time: 33:01
Placement: 168th overall (out of 547 runners), 14th in my age group (out of 30), 123rd male
Results:  Here
Race WebsiteHere
Weather: 85 Degrees. No wind and sunny
Garmin Dump: Forgot it
Previous Years: Inaugural Year

Mile TimeComments
Felt pretty good at the start -- maybe the heat won't bother me
Okay, the heat is getting to me
Seemed like the course was mostly uphill
Come on let's just finish
Total Miles: 4.00 - 33:01


Next to Thanksgiving, I think the Fourth of July is probably the next biggest racing day for road races.  So I certainly couldn't miss out on that...

I looked around and the only race in town was the Arizona Road Racers Sunrise Series way out in Peoria.  It was a bit of a drive for me and I started to question my sanity when I saw the temperature gauge hit 88 degrees on my car.  Luckily, it calmed down and got to a "cool" 85 when I rolled into the Rio Vista Park in Peoria.

The Race

I rolled in just after 5:30 AM for the 6:30 AM start.  I had a prime selection of parking and managed to pick up my bib in short order. 15 minutes there was a line.  I wound up circling around the park checking out the bike trail and the fishing / duck ponds.

I used the bathroom and did a brief warm-up.  Just walking around worked up a pretty good sweat for me.  I knew this one was going to be tough -- the question is how badly the heat would affect me.

The race started on time and due to the large number of runners and the limited amount of space on the bike trail, they had a staggered start based upon projected mile pace.  They did a fantastic job with the start and I felt like I started with people in my category.  It was still a little congested on the bike trail but it forced me to start off cautiously.

I felt good in the first mile.  The course is a very mild downhill and I was using bursts of speed to work my way around packs of runners.  My pace felt controlled but still fairly fast.  I could feel the sun on my back and it was just darn right uncomfortable for running.

I was upset because I hadn't brought my Garmin.  I love knowing my pace, whether the course was accurate and just how much longer I have to go.  The race director did have mile marker posts out and I was tempted to ask for splits but the folks around me were either wearing earbuds or talking.  I was still running with the 8 min / mile pace, so I figured I was on pace.

There were some rolling hills.  They weren't awful but the bike trail did dip and rise out of a little gully.  It seemed like most of the course was uphill.  At first I was able to charge up the hills -- thanks to some hill charge repeats I do weekly, but as the course wore on the heat got to me and I was just running out of gas.

Mile 2 I still felt fairly good.  Near the end though I could tell I was going to suffer with the heat.  My turnover was struggling and I was dripping sweat.  It is always satisfying to note when you are half way.

The way back was a suffer-fest.  The course was a loop and the way back seemed primarily uphill.  Again, just a few ramp-like hills and a slow, steady grind.

I was passing a few people who clearly were suffering from the heat, but at this point I was getting passed too by more consistent runners.  I tried working on my turnover and just telling myself a little bit more.  I grabbed some water from the aid station, took a sip and dumped the rest over the back of my neck.

The final mile I was able to regroup a bit.  Yes, it was a grind but I felt my pace sort of come back to me.  I knew the finish line was in site and while I knew I was out of any sort of medal contention I was trying to push for the best time -- without making myself sick from the heat.

I pushed it to the finish by crossing a short bridge and then a quick right turn to cross under the inflatable arch.  I am not sure I would've had another mile in me given the temperature and my pace.  


I was pretty happy with my time -- it was totally expected.  Using some online calculators, it puts me at a 25:15 5K, which is about what I am running these days.

I walked around a bit, sipping on Gatorade and seeing if I knew anyone.  I am starting to recognize some of the folks from other races.  Seems like I am not the only race junky here.

My head was buzzing but I didn't feel totally pukey like other races.  In fact, I felt a bit better than I expected.  Maybe I had a little more to give on the course today.

Eventually I did grab some food.  This race didn't have any shirts or medals, but certainly made up for it with the post-race spread of food.  They were also thoughtful to the vegetarians and had a veggie burger.  Score!  The food consisted of hot dogs, burgers, watermelon, and cookies and chips.  Plenty to eat and they were pretty generous with it too.

I wound up hanging around for a while eating and just enjoying the park.  I was in no rush and it was a beautiful morning just to bum around.

Well worth the $25-ish dollars I paid for this race.  I'd definitely do it again.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

2018 Night Fury #2 5K Race Recap - Mesa, AZ

Official Time: 24:55
Placement: 20th overall, 3rd in the 45 - 49 age division
Results:  Here
Race WebsiteHere
Weather: 100 degrees, slight wind from west, night race
Garmin Dump: Here
Previous Years: Inaugural Year

Mile TimeComments
17:48Briefly blocked by lots of runners. But off to a solid start.
28:10The heat is getting to me
38:23Probably had more to give but was starting to get some heat stroke / nausea
3.080:28Tried to push it to the end.
Total Miles: 3.08 - 24:50

103 Degrees 45 minutes before race start


Well there wasn't a whole lot on the racing calendar for this weekend.  I searched high and low for a race and the only one that was close by was the Night Fury 5K -- a Friday night race. 

The race started at 8 PM and in Phoenix, that is still pretty warm.  Granted, by 8, the sun has set and the temperature is less intense but it is still hot.

I haven't run before in 100+ degree weather.  I've run in some pretty hot races, but this was a new "high" for me.

So it was with some trepidation, apprehension, and a little regret that I drove the 2 miles or so to the starting line and got ready to race on a hot Friday night.

The Race

I rolled in around 7:15, got my bib and a collector pin.  In lieu of a shirt they give you a pin and a pretty sweet custom designed finisher's medal.  I would've liked a shirt (I don't know why, I have a ton of them) but they were offering some for sale.

The race started a few minutes early, which I was glad for.  I had done a very limited warm-up as even standing around resulting in me working up a sweat.

View of the first mile

The course is run along the Mesa / Tempe bike trail.  It is pancake flat and a asphalt / concrete trail.  I wore my Saucony Fastwitches and so I felt almost every foot step along this way.

Initially I was hemmed in at the start.  With about 200 runners cramming their way to the starting line, it was slow going for the first couple of hundred yards.  I wished the race director had encouraged slower runners to line up in the back.  So I had to spend some energy weaving around much slower folks.  It probably slowed me up a bit but not a big deal.

The race director encourage people to take it easy.  With it being a 100 degrees, there was plenty of opportunity to suffer from dehydration or heat stroke.  I backed off quite a bit for the first half mile to see how the heat would affect me.

I had worked my way up quite well in the first half mile and I began to look at my competition.  I saw some folks my age as they made the turn around at roughly the .6 of a mile distance.  I felt I was in pretty good shape to fall somewhere in the top 3 for my age.

The race director had said we'd run a half mile out, turn around and come back to the starting line for the first mile.  I was worried the course was going to measure long when I came back to the starting line with about 1.20 miles under my belt.  I definitely hate when course go long.  I'll take .03 plus or minus on the distance but any more than that....  no bueno.

I was passing quite a few people on mile 2.  I was hurting though and I could feel the heat weighing on me.  Was I overdoing it?  Was I going to pass out?  It was warm and as I passed the first water stop I grabbed some water and tossed it over my head.  I don't think I've ever used a water stop in a 5K before.

At this point it was dark and I was running as quickly as I could.  It was too dark to look at my Garmin and I didn't want to fool around with the light on it.  Occasionally I'd take a peak at it as the course was illuminated by the park lights.  I was a little sad when I saw that I hit an 8:10 mile.  I would've liked to have about 15 seconds less.

I was still passing a fair amount of people.  I think there were some folks who had started fast and let the heat get the best of them.  I was tailing a guy who looked to be in my age division and I made it a point to try and pass him.  However, every time I stepped on the gas he was able to match me and when I faded he put some distance on me.

Mile 3 no one was behind me and I was still tailing my competition.  I was starting to get some symptoms of pre-heat stroke and I was starting to get worried.  I dialed it back a little in hopes that I could turn on the jets in the final quarter mile.

I suspected the course was going to run long but how long... I wasn't sure.

We were running by the freeway and ran under the 101.  I had been there before a month ago, so this was somewhat familiar territory to me.  I train on the western section of the trail, but I rarely run that stretch.

I was crestfallen when I another guy my age flew by me.  I was beginning to have doubts that I'd place in my age group.

The finish line came into view and I picked up the pace.  Unfortunately so did the two middle-aged guys in front of me.  I wasn't going to catch them....

Finisher's medal, race pin and age group award


I collected a super cool and heavy-duty medal when I crossed the finish line.  The two middle-aged guys in front of me finished well ahead of me.  I suspected I would not be in the age group ring this race.  I was tempted to go but I wound up socializing with fellow runners.

I didn't even look at my time (it wasn't until this morning that I looked at it).  I sipped on some Gatorade and waited for my stomach to settle down.  I wished I had brought my camera and taken pictures of the folks finishing but it was probably a quarter mile walk back to the car.

Awards took a while and I was tickled pink to get third in my age division.  It's been a while since I've gotten one.  While the race was smallish, there were some quick runners there.

They had water and popsicles  and I think some Gatorade.  The race was about $25 so it was on a budget.  I had brought my own cool drink so that helped.  I felt like I had totally gotten my money's worth though -- it was professionally run, timed, and orchestrated.  They also had a drawing for various prizes (including entries into the next race) but alas, I didn't win.

They hold a lot of races on this course.  Would I run it again?  Sure, why not.  The medal was super cool and there was a good crowd there.  I had way more fun than I thought I would plus it was nice to get an age group award.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

This Week in Running 5/29 - 6/24

Miles to Date: 929.5

I haven't written much about just plain old ordinary training of late.  Since moving to Arizona, I have transitioned into a morning runner.  There's just no two ways around it.  You have to be a morning running to survive Arizona's summers.

In Utah, I could get by with waiting until 8 PM for my nightly runs.  Maybe once a year I'd wake up and go early in the morning.

But here, I am up by 5:30 AM at the latest.  I am usually out the door 15 minutes later.  The first mile is usually the hardest as I start to work out the kinks.  Usually after half a mile I can start to run at a fairly normal, non-gimpy pace.

I have been logging around 30 - 45 miles per week on the Tempe Town Lake Trail.  It takes about a mile to get there but it isn't too bad of a trail.  It is flat, has some drinking fountains and there are a bathroom or two.  It isn't my favorite place to run of all times, but it works and there are usually a few other runners or dog walkers out there in the wee hours.

I have been using the weekend 5K races as my official speed work outs.  On some days I'll find a small hill to charge up a dozen times.  The hill is more of a small boat ramp and takes about 10 seconds to ascend.  It is enough to qualify for "work" but isn't terribly demanding.

My new job also has a gym in it.  So in addition to running 4 - 8 miles in the morning, after work I'll do another short workout.  It is more weight-based but I do peddle on a bike for 15 - 20 minutes.  By the time I make it home, I am exhausted and tend to sleep pretty well.

Global Running Day

June 6th, I believe was Global Running Day.  It isn't too different from any other day for me, but it is one I think to raise awareness for running.  That day I decided to take a picture of the various stops along the way on a typical run.

The first picture is the first picture in this post.  I have reached the Tempe Town Lake trail and the sun is quickly rising behind me.  It is about 5:30 in the morning and probably in the upper 70's.  It will quickly heat up.

I am looking to the west.  You can see Papago Park in the distance and everything is pretty peaceful at this point.  I am just over a mile on my run at this point.

Here is the bike path that leads to the Tempe Town Lake Trail.  In a little bit the trail will fork. I can continue on the concrete or go down to the shore onto packed dirt.  I always go to the packed dirt section.

Today I spotted some coyotes.  If you look closely you'll see them.

I am another mile down the trail at this point.  I love this section.   This is really what the Tempe Town Trail is all about.

I've reached the 2.5 mile mark (or thereabouts).  There are a bunch of bridges here. Some for pedestrians, some for cars and one for a train.

Here is the pedestrian bridge. I love running across this and it is fairly scenic.  I am about 3.5 miles into my run now.

This is my favorite part of the run.  This little stretch is on the north side of the trail, having crossed at the bridge.  There are a lot of wild brush here and the smell is intoxicating.  There is a slight incline here but I hardly notice it.  I am about 4 miles in at this point.

I have since turned around and making my way back "home".  Near those buildings is a set of restrooms and drinking fountains (actually there are several drinking fountains in this area).

As you can see, it is much warmer now.

About a mile away from home.  Have to run by the Tempe Mall and McClintock Road.  It is still fairly peaceful at this hour, but in a little bit it'll be flooded with cars.

Final push home.  This area smells like tires and auto shops.  If I am lucky I can catch the bread delivery trucks on their way out and get a whiff of fresh bread, but that tends to be the exception rather than the rule.

Post Lamoille Canyon Half

It was awesome to get back to Salt Lake City for the weekend.  I ran into a bunch of people on the bike trail during a shake out run that I didn't expect to see.  It was so much greener and cooler.

The Lamoille Canyon Half is a massive downhill race -- about 3000 feet decline.  And I paid for it all last week.  I was super gimpy down the steps at work -- almost as if I had run a full marathon.  My legs were beat up feeling as well.  So 90% of my miles last week were junk miles.  

On the plus side, I don't think I wound up injured.  Last year, my troublesome knee basically shouted, "I've had enough" when I finished and I was soon in the PT office.  It pretty much killed my fall season.

It was awesome seeing everyone at the race and I truly miss being in the Salt Lake running scene.

Upcoming Races

06/29: Night Fury #2 5K - Mesa, AZ (Confirmed)
07/04: Arizona Road Racers Series #3 - 4 Miles - Peoria, AZ (Confirmed)
07/07: Arizona Sunrise Race Series 5K #4 - Phoenix Area, AZ (Confirmed)
07/14: Farmington Festival 10K - Farmington, UT (Confirmed)
07/21: Arizona Sunrise Race Series 5K #5 - Phoenix Area, AZ (Confirmed)
08/04: Arizona Sunrise Race Series 5K #6 - Phoenix Area, AZ (Confirmed)
08/18: Arizona Sunrise Race Series 5K #7 - Phoenix Area, AZ (Confirmed)
11/11: 2018 Las Vegas Marathon - Las Vegas, NV (Confirmed)