Sunday, September 27, 2015

Chimney Rock National Historic Site - Bayard Nebraska


After running the Monument Marathon, cleaning up, and eating I knew I had to visit the sites.  With less than 24 hours to spend in Nebraska, I knew I needed to hit all the hot spots and quick.  

I hadn't done a lot of research prior to coming and thankfully I found a tour guide at the Scottsbluff Perkins.  It has pictures of various things to see and experience and one of them was Chimney Rock.

You can see the point of Chimney Rock long before you get there.  It is truly an iconic point in the geography of the area.

Chimney Rock

It was about a 30 minute drive to the site and my first stop was to the museum.  It is a pretty small museum and I was tempted to spend the $3 to tour it.  But I had limited time and I more or less wanted to see the rock itself.

I took some pictures from the observation area and asked how you can get closer.  The lady informed me there wasn't a bonafide route to the point and that the field between the museum and the point was loaded with rattlesnakes.  In fact, the area around the museum had a plethora of warning signs about rattlers.

She did mention I could drive down to the end of a dirt road near a cemetery and that I would be able to get better photos there.  I am glad I made the trip down there because I did get some better shots but I also waded through the weeds (ever mindful of snakes) and got some snaps of some old settler's burial markers.

Enjoy the photos:

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