Sunday, August 16, 2015

Virginia City Nevada Cemetery


One of the places I had to visit while visiting Reno was Virginia City.  This is a historical town where a lot of things happened hundreds of years ago during the gold and silver rush.  It is also a place where Mark Twain hung out.

Virginia City is about 30 minutes south of Reno and one must travel up a winding canyon road that involves a serious climb (and some awesome views of the Reno Valley).  The drive is easy but if you are touchy about curbs or heights, you may want to avoid the trip.  

The city is nestled above a valley at just over 6000 feet.

Today, the town has a lot of the original character, charm and atmosphere of what it was really like in the mid 1800's.  There are people that live there as well and one can find food, libations and entertainment there.

One of the places that I wanted to stop in was the Virginia City Cemetery.   This is a massive and sprawling place filled with graves, both old and new.  Intermixed in the graveyard were graves from the 1880's to graves that were in the last thirty or forty years.

There were a lot of tourists checking out the graves and at first I was a little surprised to find horse droppings in the middle of the cemetery.  I was like "Who would ride their horse through the cemetery?"  Then I recalled that there are a ton of wild horses throughout the area and they tend to congregate in Virginia City.  Upon leaving the cemetery I spotted a bunch of wild horses wandering the fields within the city confines.

Enjoy the photos:

View of Virginia City from the Cemetery

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