Tuesday, December 18, 2012

About me

Welcome to my blog spot!

Here I hope to record some of my adventures as well as impart some of my wisdom and wit.  A lot of people have encouraged me to write this blog as they feel I have a knack for writing.  For a computer programmer, it can be a bit of an odd pairing.  I even had one college professor suggest I go for an English degree rather than one in computer science.  Unfortunately, English doesn't pay as well.

I have recently relocated to Salt Lake City after spending the previous 15+ years in northern Illinois.  I had the house, yard, and a decent career, but at the end of the day I decided I needed a change.  I couldn't tell one day from the next and decided to mix things up -- as much as possible.  I found a job out here and jumped on the opportunity to explore something new.  I am still in the same field (software development) but I am thoroughly enjoying the new experiences and views that this beautiful state has to offer.

In this blog, I hope to talk a little about running - I've run 8 marathons and countless other races (you can see my results at Athlinks)  Currently, I run about 40 miles per week, sometimes more, sometimes less depending upon what I am training for, the weather, and various time commitments.

I am also passionate about software development.  I am most experienced with Java but have experience with Ruby, C / C++ and various web technologies.  I hope to write an article or two about anything I learn.  I've always been amazed how many other people have solved the hard problems that I've run into and in a small way, I hope to return the favor.  I've also worked in everything from waterfall methodologies to agile or ad-hoc.

Finally I like to share new experiences that I've discovered in Utah.  This is an entirely new area for me to explore and the sites and scenes consistently amaze me.  I hope to share some of my pictures with the world here.

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