Saturday, August 16, 2014

This week in Running Aug 10 - Aug 16

Day Mileage / Workout Comments
Sunday 4 miles
7 Miles
What! A two a day! 4 in the morning, 7 more at night! Rocking
Monday 5 miles Easy miles on the bike trail
Tuesday Off I think it was raining and I was tired
Wednesday 7 miles Hauling ass on the bike trail at 5AM in the morning. Funny who you meet at that hour
Thursday Off Knee was bothering me and I had a company picnic
Friday Off Resting the knee
Saturday 13 miles Park City Half Marathon Racing at 6500 feet!
Total miles for the week: 36 - YTD: 1128.75

I took 3 days off this week and I still managed 36 miles.  Not bad.  I would've run on Thursday morning too, but I have the beginnings of runner's knee and I felt it would be best to save it for the race on the weekend.  I am going out of town on Monday for about 2 weeks so I'll be doing minimal running (I think).  I'll be doing a fair amount of walking however, so it won't be a total sit on my butt vacation.  When I get back, I am hoping to have all my minor injuries put to rest.

Doctor Update

Well I got the results back from the doctors and while the doctor was out, I had a nurse read my results.  She couldn't give me any specifics but said everything looked good.  Some specifics that I do know:  My blood pressure was 112 or 72.  A smidge low but healthy.  The nurse was astonished about my cholesterol: insanely low she said.  There ya go... proof that running AND a largely vegetarian diet can work wonders (granted I've been at it for over 20 years now).  My iron, ferritin, and vitamin levels were all good as well.

So in short they found NOTHING wrong with me.  In a way I am relieved but still it leaves me in the dark as to what is going on and why on certain days I feel like I am dragging an anchor.  Stress? Mild depression? Age? Elevation? Over training? Take your pick.

Upcoming Races

No foreseeable races for now.  I suspect once I get back from vacation I'll start training for Vegas in earnest.  If my fitness dictates it, I may jump into a full marathon prior to Vegas.  I also have the RnR Marathon in Phoenix in January on my radar now.  What I'd like to do is dedicate one weekend to a long run and the next weekend to a race (any race, any distance).  I think racing has helped keep me mentally race strong and gives my training purpose (and it is also fun).  It is also an excuse to get in a quality workout under "real" circumstances.

Photo of the Week

I really don't have a running photo this week but this was one of the cooler pictures I got.  I was at a work picnic in Cottonwood Heights at Antczak Park and snapped this picture of Mount Olympus in the distance.  Absolutely perfect August day in Utah.

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