Thursday, August 28, 2014

British Isles 2014 Trip Day 3 Milford Haven / Wales - Village of Tenby

Seaside Village of Tenby


After Carew Castle, we continued to head west towards the sea until we reached the village of Tenby. This is a beautiful touristy seaside town with an assortment of beaches, cafes and castles.  We only had about an hour here total, was just barely enough time for me to do a semi-run throughout the entire town and take a bunch of pictures.  I couldn't really enjoy many of the sites because I was in such a hurry to just keep walking and snap photos.

I think if I had had another hour here, I definitely would've invested in one of the castle tours, but I did get a good feeling for the town.  I basically walked down the tourist section towards the beach.  I then grabbed a bunch of pictures of the beach before proceeding uphill to an advantageous spot where I could see the entire city below me.  I then walked the other beach until I got back to the meeting point.  I think I was one of the few who managed to walk pretty much of the entire city before having to go back to bus.

Shopping corridor for Tenby

Main street for Tenby

Beaches of Tenby

Beaches of Tenby

Beaches of Tenby

Beaches of Tenby - Castle above

Area leading to the castle

Castle Hill

Skyline of Tenby from Castle Hill

Low tide at the port

Downtown Tenby

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