Friday, November 28, 2014

South Davis Turkey Trot 5K Race Recap

Me post race

Official Time: 24;09
Placement: 2nd out of 10 (in age group) 49th out of 689 finishers
Results: Here
Race Website:Here
Weather: Low 50's, negligible wind
Last Year's ReportHere


What Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete for a runner without fulfilling the obligation of doing the local Turkey Trot?

Since moving to Utah, I've opted to do the South Davis - Bountiful 5K.  Why you might ask?  Well

  1. It's cheap -- only $25
  2. It's an honest course.  The first mile is mostly downhill while the last mile is uphill
  3. The really offer a lot of perks, including a high-quality finishing medal and a swag bag that just can't be beat.  I almost feel guilty taking all the race stuff.
We've had some really pleasant fall / winter weather and Thanksgiving Day 2014 was out of this world.  It was definitely shorts + t-shirt weather.  My hands tend to get cold, so I put on some gloves as well.  But I was completely comfortable both before and after the race.

New Age Group

November 27 also marked my 45th birthday -- and a new age group.  I remember when I turned 40 I was filled with dread because the 40-44 age group, at least in Illinois, was probably the most competitive.  Suffice to say the age group awards slowed to a drip upon turning 40.  When I was in the 35-39 age group, I could pretty much walking into any race and get something (except for the really huge ones).  

I guess things will get better as I get older.  I am just really thankful that I can still compete and do well.

The Race

Sorry guys, I forgot my Garmin.  So I have no idea what my splits were, as there were no mile markers either (I was carrying my phone and set the timer).  I do remember seeing the "half-way" point and looking at my phone and seeing the timer say 12 minutes.  I wasn't too happy with that, as normally I finish quite strong in this race.

Pre-race start.

Packet pickup

Long sleeved t-shirt

I started off semi cautiously on this one.  I had done about a mile warm-up before hand and I didn't feel that awesome.  Also one of my goals was to not die at the end.  Each time I've run this course, I manage to run the first mile extremely fast, hang on at mile 2 and then crawl to the finish.  I am happy to report that didn't happen this time.

Lining up near the front. Tons of behind me.

The race started a little bit late so by the time it did start I wasn't really warmed up.  The start is congested as both the 10K and the 5K start together.  Luckily after about 100 yards, the route does open up to a full road:

Mild downhill for the first mile or so

Took these pictures post race
The last mile is a grind up hill.  I wound up getting passed here a few times.  I really wish I had my Garmin with to know what I ran the last mile in.  I felt strong and in control for most of the race.  

Race Finish

After the race, I wound up going for about a 2 mile cool down jog.  I knew I was going to be eating a LOT later and the more calories I could burn the better.

After coming back to the race finish I put on some warmer clothes and checked out my results.  Score!  I finish 2nd in my age group; garnering a cool prize: a pie!

My pie! Yeah!

Finish line is off to the left

Waiting for awards

Finish line

Age group awards

Very nice Finisher's Medal


The race seemed to be over in just a short matter of time.  Sometimes the 5K is just a nice race: 20-some odd minutes and you are done.  

I finished in 24:09, which I am not thrilled about.  The conditions were fairly ideal too: no wind, low temperatures, so I was really shooting for something in the low 23's.  It looks like I have some serious work to do in order to get back to my top 5K form.

I did finish strong though and maybe I left a little bit too much in the tank as I've forgotten how to race a 5K.  I've been primarily focusing on longer races and I am still unsure what I have for a 5K.  

This will likely be one of the last races I do this year, so I can at least focus on dropping some weight and improving my speed throughout the winter.

Also, I took advantage of their sweet deal and signed up for their Valentine's Day Race (another 5K) for a whopping $15!  Yeah!

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