Saturday, November 1, 2014

This week in running Oct 26 - Nov 1

Jordan River Bike Trail

Day Mileage / Workout Comments
Sunday 11 Despite running a half marathon the day before, I felt fantastic. Kicked butt on this run.
Monday 5 Easy throughout
Tuesday 7 1M Warm-up, 8 x .25M in 1:45 average, 3.5M cool down - Yeah for speed work!
Wednesday 9 Sort of a lope. Enjoying the fall weather and talk radio
Thursday 4 Easy - 8 fast strides at the end (1M total)
Friday Off 4 mile walk
Saturday 13 1M Warm-up. 5K Sandy City Turkey Trot Race. 6.5M cool down afterwards on the bike trail.
Total miles for the week: 46.5- YTD: 1521.25

Week's Summary

All things considered, this was a pretty good week running wise.  I got in some good amounts of mileage; including an episode of speedwork.  My best quarter was a 1:42 and my slowest was 1:49 (when I hit a hill or had to make a sharp turn).  I'll have to go digging for my old logs, but I seem to recall before I got into marathon running that I was doing 1:23's or so... sigh... the good old days.

Northern Utah has been blessed with some really great fall weather. Usually, by now, we have a dash of snow in the valley and / or 45F degree weather, but we've been consistently in the 60's and above.  The leaves are lingering on the trees and it just makes for awesome running weather.  I can't get enough, especially on the bike trail.

Despite the high mileage, I am feeling pretty good - in fact - fantastic.  No out of the ordinary aches / pains. I just need to get my speed back. I can run "forever" but when it comes to going fast, I feel like I am dragging an anchor.  I do need to lose a few pounds (I am at an all-time, life-time high right now of 179) so I really need to quit going to Wendover and pigging out there. I think every time I go, I gain a pound that sticks around.

Upcoming Races

There is a slim chance I'll jump into a race next weekend.  We'll see what is on the calendar and how eager I am and how much it costs.  I think if I could've found a half marathon in town I would've done that (there was one in St George, but since I am heading that way in a few weeks, I didn't want to make the 4+ hour drive)

I am coming up on the Las Vegas Marathon in 2 weeks and I don't really want to screw that up.  I've shelled out a lot of money for the event and I don't want to mess up my streak (6th year in a row!)  Visiting Vegas has sort of lost its luster for me, but I still enjoy the race. I'll bring my camera so stay tuned for pictures from the race.

Also, on my birthday, on November 27, I'll be running the South Davis Turkey Trot in Bountiful.  That is Thanksgiving tradition for me and I got in for $20.  Afterwards, I am off to Wendover for the night.  So it should be a "perfect" day!

Medals from the past few weeks

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