Friday, November 14, 2014

This week in running - Nov 9 - Nov 15

Day Mileage / Workout Comments
Sunday Off Went for a 7 mile walk though. Time for life's reflections
Monday 5 Medium Pace. The cooler weather is agreeing with me
Tuesday 4 Pretty easy pace
Wednesday 5 Medium. Just enjoying the weather.
Thursday 4 Done for the week
Friday Off 3 mile walk
Saturday Off Walking around Vegas.
Total miles for the week: 18- YTD: 1590.25

Week's Summary

Well, I managed to take it easy this week.  I took a super enjoyable walk on Sunday -- chatting on the phone with friends and listening to the radio.  It was probably the last warm day for 2014 as well.

The polar vortex that is hanging over the nation clipped Utah a bit.  While we are much better off than the rest of the nation, it is cooler.  So instead of shorts + t-shirt, I throw on a pair of gloves and a windbreaker.  It also snowed here briefly -- but no accumulation.

I also got a pair of Dr Scholl's heel inserts.  They are the "gelling" kind and I am hoping a little bit of heel elevation will put an end to my beat up calf.  I also occasionally get a bit of popping / sensitivity in my Achilles (not very often but it does happen).

Las Vegas Marathon

I am writing this on Friday, but tomorrow morning I head off for Vegas.  First stop is to hit Mesquite, Nevada.  They have some cheap food and better luck gambling there (I find it much more agreeable than the Strip).  Then I'll make the final hour drive or so until I hit Vegas.  First stop will be the Expo, next check in to the hotel and pretty much take it easy.  If all goes well it will be about 5.25 hour road trip.

I am definitely looking forward to the race and have a full agenda.

Sad Life News

I have 3 cats.  I am not a super big cat person but over the course of the years we've accumulated 3 of them.  Sadly, little Callie, the Calico had to be put down.  We knew she had cancer a few weeks ago and this morning you could tell she was in a lot of pain and her kidneys were shutting down.  You really couldn't ask for a more gentle, well-behaved cat than Callie.  She was over 17 years old.


Only a few this week.  I was running across the bike trail bridge and it seems like an older bird / duck has taken roost on the bridge railing.  He isn't afraid of anything or anyone.  I stopped to take a picture and he seemed to want to check me out and I've seen him more than once this week.  The picture below is NOT using any zoom features.  I wound up giving him some dry kibble that I had brought for the stray cats on the trail, which he greedily ate:

Finally, some cool sunsets...

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  1. Just doing some catching up - hope your race went well, and so sorry about your Callie.