Saturday, November 8, 2014

This week in running Nov 2 - Nov 8

Sun reflecting off of Mount Olympus

Day Mileage / Workout Comments
Sunday 16 Awesome long run
Monday 6 Mostly easy with strides at the end
Tuesday 7 1M Warm-up, 6 x .5M in 3:43 average, with .15M walk. 2M cool down - Yeah for speed work!
Wednesday 5 Nothing but easy
Thursday 4 Easy - with strides. Oops hurt my calf again.
Friday Off 3 mile walk
Saturday 13 Salt Air Half Marathon
Total miles for the week: 51- YTD: 1572.25

Week's Summary

For two weeks out from the Vegas Marathon, I probably ran way too much.  51 miles is a lot.  But here in Utah, we are having a fantastic fall season.  The weather is absolutely PERFECT for running: low 60's, with sun, no wind and beautiful fall colors.  I just can't get enough of it and this week I couldn't hold back.

I had an oh sh$t moment on Thursday.  I was doing my strides after wrapping up an easy run and wham, on the 3rd one, my calf went nuts.  It hurt a lot and it felt like what happened to me right before the SLC marathon (which I couldn't run because of this injury).  Suddenly the $65 I had ponied up for the weekend's half marathon and the $120 for Vegas were in jeopardy.

Foolishly, I tried to run one more stride and it clearly hurt with every step I took.  I wound up easy running / walking all the way back home (about 1M).

That night I foam rolled the crap out of it and took some NSAIDs.  I am happy to report, though while still a little iffy, it isn't giving me any problems.  Note to self: must buy heel inserts.

Winter is getting closer

Come on man!

On my training run in the week I had to use the restroom and came across this sign.  It nearly made me cry.  Also all the drinking fountains were turned off (although I can drink bathroom water).  Winter is coming and sadly some of the benefits of training on the bike trail will be on hold for the winter.

Upcoming Races

Well, this coming week is the Vegas marathon.  I am going to try to keep it under 20 miles for the week and really baby myself.  I want to get to the starting line injury free and feeling good.  Once I get this marathon off my back, I can take some recovery time.  I haven't really "rested" since being injured before the SLC marathon.

Also the Vegas marathon -- all distances -- are sold out.  I bought my entry back in December of 2013, so no worries for me (and I got in at the cheapest rate).  Sort of worried about 35,000 expected runners but last year it went off without a hitch and I hope the Competitor Group deliver on excellence.

Weight Loss

I haven't been to Wendover in a few weeks, hence no massive gorging (other than the occasional Golden Corral run).  Starting to see a little bit of a weight loss.  At least I am not going in the wrong direction.  I always gain about 2 - 3 pounds in Vegas but last time I was disappointed in the buffets so I am thinking I may not hit them up as much.  Famous last words of a Buffet Maniac.

Update: I am down 5 pounds as of this morning.  Yeah for marathon training!


I got some incredible shots this week.  The mountains are so beautiful and makes running at dusk along the bike trail an incredible experience.

I have posted the pictures below:

The moon over Mount Olympus

Sun setting over the Oquirrh Mountains

Sun reflecting on the Wasatch Mountains

Moon over the Wasatch Mountains

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