Sunday, September 28, 2014

21 Mile run a Success Plus first snow!

21+ Mile Training Run

First off, this was a HUGE success.  2 weeks ago I did 16 miles and felt pretty good at the end.  I decided to really ramp up the distance and go for 20.  If I got out to about 9 miles and had questions, it was acceptable to turn around and come back, but I was really hoping to hit 20.

I started from my house at about 8:30AM and forgot of all things to turn on my Garmin!  Luckily I know it is about .33 miles to the park, where I discovered I hadn't turned it on.  

We had had rain yesterday and this morning it was cool and there was a few sprinkles in the air, but nothing major.  Undeterred and enjoying the cool air, I maintained a 9:30 pace.  I could really feel the fast 9 miles I had done yesterday and there was some initial doubt as to whether this would get grueling by mile 10.

The weather lightened up significantly and I was carrying enough fluid and gels to go 20+ miles.  I sucked down a Tri-berry Gu at mile 5 (while witnessing some derelicts stealing toilet paper out of the public restroom) and ate another Orange Gu at mile 10, near California Avenue, my turn around point.  

I was feeling outstanding throughout the run at this point but I was wondering when I was going to hit "the wall" where everything falls apart.

I hit a banana / strawberry gel at mile 15.5 and that managed to hold me until the finish despite being pretty hungry (Life Cereal and an iced tea got me started)

Normally miles 16+ are a death march, but I was still knocking back 9:45 miles and I even wound up going an additional mile, just because I could.

When I finished My Garmin read 20.78 miles, but it read 9.96 at California Avenue, the turn around point, so I know I ran 20 from the park and back.  I wonder if the Garmin gets "lazy" when the battery starts to run low (I desperately need a new battery).  I then ran another .5 miles south and then back to the park.  If you include the .33 mile from my house to the park, I ran close to 21.66 miles (although I walked back to the house after my run).

To be honest, I could've run a lot longer today.  I guess some days the Running Gods smile down upon you.

What does this mean?

Well, I hate to judge on any one run, but it does mean I could use the South Jordan full as a training run for Vegas.  Also, on my run as the endorphins kicked in, I began dreaming about destination races.  Montana keeps calling my name.  Guess I'll have to check my bank statement and see if I can make it happen.

Also, I had ZERO problems with any of my injuries and other than tiredness and chafing in the usual spots (I always forget lube on my chest), I feel good.

First Snow

Looks like the mountains got the first snow of the year.  I had heard a rumor they were going to get hit last night, but honestly I didn't think it was going to happen.  Looks like winter is just around the corner (I don't mind winter that much actually).

Looking at Alta Canyon near my house

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