Saturday, September 27, 2014

This week in running Sept 21 - Sept 27

Day Mileage / Workout Comments
Sunday 5 Run through the streets of Ely Nevada
Monday Off Much needed rest day! Walked 3 miles
Tuesday 5 Finally ran with someone, easy miles
Wednesday 9 Logging some easy miles on the bike trail
Thursday 7 Another fairly easy run. Still felt beat up from half.
Friday Off Walked about 5 miles. Got rained on, hard.
Saturday 9 Wanted to go long, but weather wasn't cooperating.  Great effort though.
Total miles for the week: 35 - YTD: 1293


Let's just say this past weekend I had a blast.  You know you've done it right when you go to work on Monday and feel like you have a dozen stories to tell and you can't wait to post them all to your blog. It also meant that it was extremely hard to focus at work all week. I think I now know what it feels like to have ADHD.

I also didn't get much of a chance to take a deep breath and relax.  I had an Illinois running friend come into town on Monday and spend a few nights with me.  Three big things on this:

1) It was the first time I've not run solo in a very long time. Brought back a lot of memories of running with the Health Bridge Road Runners and doing my Sunday morning marathon runs with them. Also caught up on news and how everyone is doing.

2) It was the first person from Illinois I've seen in over 2.5 years, excluding family.

3) How cool is it that I get to live in a city / area that people actually want  to visit? I've got world-class hiking and scenery practically in my backyard.

Either way, I did manage to get in a solid week of training and I am happy to report my right knee is cooperating with me.  My left calf, though, still can be touch and go.  I've found a "sweet spot" while using a foam roller on it and I think I've identified the ouchie part.  Hopefully it doesn't get out of hand.

Where's your long run dude?

I woke up Saturday with ALL intentions of going 18 - 20 miles.  However, mother nature had other plans.  We had wicked thunderstorms off and on through out the night and just as I was thinking about getting out of bed, I heard the house being pelted with raindrops.  I watched cartoons for a while hoping it would blow over, but sadly it didn't.

I checked and they predicted storms all day.

Regardless, I threw on a wind breaker (which I later ditched in the bushes) and logged a nice 9 mile run.  Not many brave souls on the bike trail this morning but still more than I thought.

About 2 - 3 miles into my 9 mile run it started to really come down I get drenched.  I was wearing my short-shorts sans undies.  Umm.... let's just say it was very revealing...

Also there were two full marathons this weekend (Layton and Huntsville) so I imagine many of the folks that were running them were in the rain.  Keep in mind I survived the 2013 Ogden Marathon in worse weather, so it is doable and at least the weather was cool and not hot (we had low 90's all week).

Tomorrow's weather looks like rain, but I am hoping I can get away with my long run and not get electrocuted.  I can do rain, I don't do lightning.

Raining in Murray Utah

Upcoming Races

As much as I want to knock off another state (Montana and New Mexico are on my list) the timing and money situation is a little tighter.  Also given the fact that Ely set me back a fair amount of money as well as Vegas coming up in less than 60 days, I'll probably stick with local races.

I am very seriously thinking of doing the South Jordan full marathon in about 3 weeks, which is about 5 miles south of my house.  We'll see how this weekend's long run goes and if my calf behaves.  It looks like I can register a few days before the event without too much of a penalty.  I'll use the race as a long training run and practice session for Vegas.  I've done their half before and for a relatively small race (about 500 - 600 for the half and full together) they really do a good job.  Not sure it is a "destination" race for you out of towners but you do start high and get a net decline down in terms of elevation.

I have an Arizona full marathon penciled in for February, as we are looking at visiting family and friends down there for Super Bowl weekend.  This didn't go over too well with Shari ("you'll be tired and cranky after the run") but it would nice to knock Arizona off my list.

Destination Run

Flirting with heading west again next weekend, so there may be an opportunity for another desert run.  Stayed tuned.  

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