Saturday, September 6, 2014

This week in Running Aug 31 - Sept 6

Day Mileage / Workout Comments
Sunday 6.5 Hauling on the Bonneville Salt Flats
Monday 7 Running through Leppy Hills in West Wendover
Tuesday 6 First 3 felt slow, hauled it on the last 3
Wednesday 4 Easy. Tired feeling
Thursday 7 6M at a good clip. Knee injury is back. Grr
Friday Off I hurt
Saturday Off Still hurt.
Total miles for the week: 30.5 - YTD: 1195.25


Not a bad start to the week.  Since coming back from the cruise I was on a tear, running at least 4 miles a day.  Running was also a brief solace against a lot of work-related stress.
I felt pretty good until Thursday when I noticed my knee was hurting.  Instead of returning home after the start of the run and getting some KT-Tape or a neoprene wrap around it, I kept running -- for 7 miles.  While it wasn't bad all the time (it actually got tolerable about midway through the run) it smarted pretty good the first mile and last mile.

The result: Let's just say that I was limping around on Friday despite efforts at icing and anti-inflamatories.  This was the same injury that had plagued me before I left on vacation.  I have since done a bit of research and it isn't runner's knee, but appears to be jumper's knee.  The pain is more in the lower, front of the knee cap and is bothersome throughout the day.  Even my lunch time walk brought on an ache or two.

Unfortunately, there went my Saturday long run.... sigh.

Also, I got a bill in the bill for my blood work.  I guess the doctor's office sent it to an "out of network lab" without my knowledge.  My insurance company sent me a $400 check along with a note saying that I'll get a bill for $2000 from the lab that I'll have to pony up for.  Huh?  $2000 for a simple blood test and I am going to have to pay for it? Not good... #PissedOff

Upcoming Races

Right now I am trying to recover, but I am still assuming I'll hit the Ely Half Marathon.  Once again, I am not registered for it (yet) but if my knee comes around, it'll be my fall destination race.  Also at this point, it is beginning to look extremely doubtful that I'll be able to do a pre-Las Vegas marathon.  My marathon training at this point has been pretty inconsistent.

Photos of the Week

As fall hits us, I am starting to do more runs a bit later at night.  I took this one of the sun setting over the 215 freeway in the middle of the week as I ran on the Jordan River Bike Trail just about a mile from my house.  Just a super pleasant night and there actually were still quite a few people on the trail.  

My reward for running... a virgin Mojito

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  1. I'm happy about your progress, which you have very nicely illustrated there. That should help you out in the long run, with the guides and the lowdown that you can now start with, in terms of what your painful knee is going to still need at this point. Do watch yourself though, and make sure that your muscles aren't too stretched or snapped. Take care!

    Agnes Lawson @ MedWell Spine, OsteoArthritis & Neuropathy Center