Saturday, October 4, 2014

This week in running Sept 28 - Oct 4 - New PR!

Day Mileage / Workout Comments
Sunday 21.5 Awesome long run, chronicled here
Monday 4 Easy recovery run
Tuesday 7 Nice pace throughout despite still being drained from Sunday's run
Wednesday 7 Easy all the way
Thursday 13 Felt good. Loped through 13 miles to rack up the mileage!
Friday 4 Easy - more of a slog than anything
Saturday 14 Awesome day - sunny, chilly - perfect for an easy 9:25-ish pace per mile long run.
Total miles for the week: 70.5 - YTD: 1363.5

Exciting News

Well, I did take the plunge earlier this week.  Perhaps I was still running off the endorphins I had from Sunday's run, but I did sign up for the South Jordan Marathon, which will be two weeks from today.  So I'll be going 26.2 for what I think will be my 13th marathon.  While I would rather do another destination marathon, I had a coupon for 10% off and this one is about 5 miles down the road, if that. Total cost: $90 (about $3.75 a mile).

Week's Summary

Wow, an incredible week of running to say the least.  I may not be fast anymore, but I can still slug out the miles.  First off, I did PR in terms of distance.  I think my total distance from before was about 64 miles in a 7 day span, with maybe 72 in 8 days.  I nailed 70.5.  I figured I'd have a shot with it being I was doing two long runs in the span of 7 days.

I find that if I really rack up the miles, in about a week or two I get a huge training boost.  This should bode well for my marathon.

Also, at work we have a pedometer challenge.  It is team based, so the more steps you take, the more points you get. Well guess you who's team is first -- by a lot?

Other than my calf occasionally throwing fits, my body has held up nicely.  My right achilles has been flaring up too, but not to the point where it is bad.  Also with the increased mileage, I've noticed that I have a smidge of plantar fascitiis in the morning.  Need to get the orthotics out.

I would love to honestly be able to do 70 miles a week but there's no way my body could do this week and week out.  I think 50 is doable for routine miles, but with each additional mile the chances of injury get larger.

Solid week though.

Picture of the Week

Here is a picture I took near the closing end of Tuesday's run.  You can see the snow up in Little Cottonwood / Alta / Lone Peak if you look at it close enough.  Did I say, I love the bike trail?

Route of my 14 mile run on Saturday

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