Saturday, October 10, 2015

This week in running Oct 4 - Oct 10

DayMileage / WorkoutComments
Sunday10Recovery run
Monday86M at a good clip, easy for last 2
Wednesday81.5 @ 12:05, 1M @ 7:45, 1/2M in 3:45
Thursday5Nothing but easy
FridayOffRest before tomorrow's half marathon
Saturday13.17Layton Half Marathon
Total miles for the week: 51.25 - YTD: 1895.5

Week's Summary

Despite having finished the Monument Marathon a mere two weeks ago and also a short week from the Duke City Marathon, I racked up a solid amount of miles.  While this may have been a little too much, I do get a lot of confidence when I am able to get in a boat load of miles before a marathon.

50 miles was probably 10 too many for this week, but I couldn't help but jump into a race and I felt good.  I am definitely planning on dialing it way way back this week so that I am not running on super dead legs next weekend.  There is nothing worse than going into a marathon feeling less than 100% and a good week of light running should do the trick.

Also this week I was reminded that now is the time to get some speed work in.  Aside from the races, I've really let any speed I have sort of go away and I really need to get in a few more quality workouts.  The ladder workout I did on Wednesday is one of my favorites:  1.5 miles at roughly tempo pace, 1 mile at 5K pace and 1/2M as hard as I can go.  I used to be quite a bit faster and doing workouts like this should get me a little more efficient.  With the cooler weather, it certainly makes it easier.

Upcoming Races

My upcoming race in New Mexico is one I am primarily doing to complete New Mexico.  I don't really have any time goals in mind other than to not die and finish "around" 4 hours.  I'll also be running at about 5300 feet of elevation, so it likely won't be an easy day.  Finally, it also depends upon the weather.

10/18: Duke City Marathon (Confirmed)
11/15: Las Vegas Marathon (definite)
11/26: South Davis Rec Center Turkey Trot (5K) (Confirmed)
02/06: Winter Striders 5K (confirmed)
02/20: Winter Striders 10K (confirmed)
03/05: Winter Striders 10 Mile (confirmed)
04/02: Winter Striders Half Marathon (confirmed)
04/23: Winter Striders 30K (confirmed)

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