Monday, October 19, 2015

Lower Grey Canyon - Green River Utah


After visiting the Crystal Geyser in Green River Utah, we opted to take a 15 mile drive down to Lower Grey Canyon.

The bulk of this route is on paved farm road.  It was pretty easy to find the start of Hastings road and travel along it was smooth sailing.

You are surrounded on either side by cliffs that were just stunning.  Also, within view is the Green River, which basically cuts through most of the state of Utah (and Wyoming).

The drive ultimately winds up at Swasey's Beach.  It seems that the locals come here to boat or just play in the sun.

After the beach the road goes to a very bumpy dirt road.  It isn't very well maintained and I guess there are more things to see if you are willing to drive super slow for about 9 miles.  I went down it a little way as my curiosity was aroused but I knew it was getting late and that I had passengers who were worried about getting stuck.

This was definitely worth the drive and I got some fantastic photos:

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