Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Vegas Marathon Shirt -- We Run the Night


Faithful readers know I am a big fan of the Las Vegas Marathon.  I've run it every year since the Competitor Group took it over in 2009.  The excuse to Vegas and most importantly, having the privilege to run down the Strip at night is always a big draw for me.

So over the years I've acquired a stash of gear from them: a headlamp, running jacket, bumper stickers, t-shirts, and of course heavy bling-ified medals that glow in the dark.

Last year they ran a promotion that basically said if you run a 5K in the first week of April, submitted proof to a website, they would email you a free t-shirt.  I did it last year and got an all-right t-shirt and when they did the offer again I jumped at the opportunity.

I thought maybe I had entered too late to get the t-shirt as nearly 6 weeks went by before I finally got my free t-shirt today in the mail.  It is a cotton one, so it will be relegated to non-running jaunts but it is yet another t-shirt to add to my mighty collection.  Plus it's another piece of Vegas Marathon memorabilia.  I could wear a different Vegas marathon themed shirt each day of the week and not repeat with my current stash.

P.S. I still need to replace my 2009 inaugural marathon shirt.  I keep checking eBay but haven't had any luck.  I lost it in Europe on my trip last year and I am still upset by its loss.

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