Sunday, June 7, 2015

This week in Running 5/31 - 6/6

DayMileage / WorkoutComments
SundayOffRecovering from the Oquirrh Mountain Half Marathon
MondayOffRecovering from the Oquirrh Mountain Half Marathon
Tuesday7Easy and still sore!
Wednesday7Still hurting so mostly easy miles.
Thursday7Ran at 4:45 in the morning
Friday5Hilly run through the canyons North Of West Wendover Nevada
Saturday7.75Along an industrial road in Elko Nevada
Total miles for the week: 33.75 - YTD: 1062.50

Week's Summary

Most of the week was spent moaning and groaning after the Oquirrh Mountain Half Marathon beat the crap out of my quads.  I think I was more sore after that race than running any marathon I've done.

Utah is super big on downhill racing and I really don't see the attraction of it.  Sure it often offers some great times (but in my book they sort of don't count as Personal Bests) and they have spectacular views, but I really felt like I was flirting with injury.

Running in new Locales

Well not quite, but I did get in a pair of runs in an area I haven't really run before.  And best of all, I had some "spring" in my legs.

I always enjoying running in new areas and seeing something different and both of my runs were fantastic.  I love being able to get off the beaten path and see something new.

Adventures on the Bike Trail

On Wednesday night I was slogging through yet another recovery run when I spotted an overturn car on top of the 5400S bride above the Jordan River Bike Trail.  The accident had just occurred but I was around to the see the aftermath.  It looked pretty bad and I saw one of the guys being extracted from his car (he looked okay) but the overturned car looked far more serious.  

You just never know what you are going to encounter on the bike trail:

Helena Marathon

This coming weekend is the Helena Marathon.  I'll be able to knock off yet another state (I am sort of trying to do the 50 state deal).  I've never stepped foot in Montana and I am looking forward to the race.

Looking at the previous year's results, it looks like a fairly small race (only a couple hundred runners for the full marathon).   I need to make an itinerary of other things to do up there.  So if you have any suggestions feel free to drop me a line.

I don't have any real goals for this race.  My longest run since doing the Ogden full marathon a few weeks ago has been 13 miles, so I've maintained a solid base but I am hoping my body remembers how to go longer once I hit 16 miles.

This will likely be my last marathon until cooler weather.  I am tempted to do a marathon in Park City or Morgan (Utah) this summer, but we'll take those on a case by case basis.  I really feel the taper / recovery period after a marathon ultimately takes a toll on your overall fitness because you can't log the mega miles and heavy training while doing frequent marathons.

Upcoming Races

Here's my schedule:

06/13: Helena Governor's Cup Marathon (definite)
07/11: Dam 15 Miler in Jordanelle / Park City Utah (definite)
09/5: Jackson Hole Wyoming Marathon (very very probable - I booked the hotel)
10.18: Denver Rock n Roll Marathon or Duke City Marathon (planning stages, Duke City is leading the way)
11/15: Las Vegas Marathon (definite)

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