Saturday, June 6, 2015

Saturday Morning Elko Nevada Run

Elko is roughly at 5100 feet and this run was not flat1


If you've read this blog long enough, you know that one of my favorite things to do when I am out of town is try a new run.  I've pretty much explored the main thoroughfares of Elko already and I almost skipped today's run on account of it.  

However, I had some time to kill and needing to get in a few miles, I opted to head east along Idaho Road (the main drag of Elko).  

It was something different and I figured it would give me a chance to see something new.

The Run

The way east looked pretty safe.  There was a sidewalk as well as a wide shoulder.  I had seen most of the route from the freeway on the way into town but I was hoping some side road would steal my attention away and take me into an unknown area.

First off, about a mile or so into my journey I almost stepped on this: 

I am pretty sure that is a rattlesnake.  I had to practically jump over him.  He wasn't rattling at all and was just hanging on the side of the frontage road.  I was able to snap a picture before heading away.

I meant to only go out for a couple of miles, but of course a new road with new scenery always has me telling myself "just a little further".

I got to about where I wanted to go to and saw that the road continued going north east or I could duck under the I-80.  I whipped out my phone to check for instructions to see if I could get back that way and from the looks of it, I could.

So I headed under the freeway and found myself circling around what appeared to be a Youth Prison Camp (it looked low security).  From the map, it appears I could go around the circumference and exit out the north side of it and continue my way back south west.


It came to a dead end and there was no way out.  I just had a terrible feeling I was trespassing as well.  While there wasn't anything that said "Private Property" it didn't appear to be a major road and I saw young adult males walking around with military precision to the guidance of an adult.  They also were dressed somewhat similarly.

I opted to go back the way I came.

Still an interesting run...

Pretty much an industrial looking run on the east side of Elko

Imagine crossing that with an oxen and your family + belongings

Imagine crossing that with an oxen and your family + belongings

Heading back into town

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