Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tizer Botanical Gardens - Jefferson City Montana


After visiting the Gates of the Mountains boat tour Shari and I were left wondering what to do next... We had the better part of an afternoon before us and we needed something low key, yet something that would be interesting without having to drive too far. 

We had already seen the downtown area of Helena so out came the tour guides.  We stumbled across the Tizer Gardens, which was about a 20 minute drive south of Helena.  The southern entry into Helena was an amazing drive and we figured why not head back down that way and check it out.

Tizer Gardens

Finding the gardens isn't that hard.  We just exited the I-15 and followed a dirt road until we came across the entrance.

Situated on 6 acres, this places offers a walking tour that can be easy done in under an hour or so.  The place is just loaded with a variety flowers and plants.  There is also a babbling creek that runs through the middle of it.  Had we known, we might've brought lunch there or a book as the place was really tranquil and with the day being idyllic, it just made you want to relax.

Overall, we were there an hour and I snapped a bunch of pictures.  This is definitely worth stopping into if you appreciate such things or want a special place to share a picnic.

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