Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Yellowstone National Park - Artist Point


Perhaps one of the most awe inspiring places I visited while in Yellowstone National Park was Artist Point.  This is a *must* see stop and involves a very short walk (about 100 yards) to the payoff.

There you will see a huge waterfall in the distance, some jagged red-rock canyon spires and a stomach churning drop.  I am told that every now and then someone falls from here and while there are plenty of ropes and safeguards, an errant child could easily take a long long plunge to the bottom.

We stopped here late in the day when the sun was setting and unfortunately that meant that the pictures of the waterfall, which were to the west of the vantage point, didn't come through very well.  I was very frustrated with my phone camera as it really didn't capture the full majesty of the falls. 

However, the east side of the canyon I could capture really well.  The picture above shows me standing at the edge of the exhibit area looking west.  

This was one of the most beautiful scenes I experienced on my Jackson Hole trip and it deserves it's own entry with its own pictures:

Looking down from the exhibit area

The falls to the west

The eastern edge of the canyon

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