Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Downtown Jackson Hole Wyoming Run


Anyone who has read my blog for any length of time, knows that I really enjoy getting in a run to see a town that I am visiting.

Jackson Hole was not to be an exception.

I had only gotten a taste of it while running the Jackson Hole Marathon on Saturday and I hadn't run with my camera.  So I knew no matter what that on Monday morning I was going to make the roughly one mile (each way) trip to downtown Jackson to take some pictures and see everything there was to see -- even if (God forbid) I had to walk.

Jackson Hole is a pretty small town and if you are quick you can pretty much see everything in a matter of a mile.  Since I was sort of doing a shuffle to spare my marathon-worn muscles, that meant about 10 minutes.

I had gotten up at 7AM and it was 32F.  There was some ice on the wood board walks that lined this neuvo-western town but luckily I had packed cool weather running gear. 

The downtown area has a mix of old cowboy feel interspersed with chic artist.  The town reminded me a lot of Park City Utah.  You could tell there were some strong zoning laws in effect as some of the stores on the border of the town were limited in signage (the Subway was actually hard to find)

I made a quick jaunt snapping pictures at whatever looked interesting and headed back to my motel.

Enjoy the photos:

Crossed over a river on my way into downtown

Looking back at where I had run from

Typical boardwalk

Wort Hotel

Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

War Memorial

Teton Theater

Jackson Hole City Park

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