Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Cascade Canyon - Grand Teton National Park Hike - Jackson Hole Wyoming


On our final day in Jackson Hole, we opted to do a semi hilly hike.  My boss's hip was was bothering him and he didn't want to chance it on a back-breaker of a hike.  I still had some lingering soreness so I was thankful for that.  Also, we were constrained by time.  

Given the situation, my boss opted to head back into the Grand Teton National Forest and we wound up going to the String Lake.  From there we jumped on a trail that hugged Jenny Lake.  The trail was flat and absolutely stunning.  You were right above the shore and you could hear the waves coming in from passing boats.  There also was a cool breeze coming off the lake and it reminded me of some of the lakes that I've been around in the midwest -- with the exception that the Grant Tetons were hovering above me.

We wound up hiking a few miles before we had to make the climb to Inspiration Point. This was truly a very cool and for most people the ending point of their hike.

My marathon weary legs were pretty beaten up at this point and I had overdressed.  It was 32F in the morning but while on the hike, it was sunny and warm and about in the mid 60's.  I hadn't elected to wear shorts either.

The trail was absolutely perfect for running and walking.  There were some rocks, but the trail was well used and easy to follow.

After inspiration point we slipped into Cascade Canyon.  The canyon reminded me a bit of Lamoille Cnayon as to either side of me were towering mountains.  Also, we were approaching the base of the snow-covered Grand Teton.

There also was a flowing glacial river next to us.  As we spied out towards the meadow we did spot a family of moose.  The male had the absolutely largest rack I've ever seen.  The female was huge too.  They were a little anxious in seeing us, despite us being more than 200 yards away.  

When we came back along the trail they had moved a bit closer -- to an uncomfortable 100 yards away.  At this point there was a pretty good crowd watching them and you could tell they were nervous.  Luckily they stayed put and even drifted back a little.  I'd certainly hate to tangle with one of them.

Enjoy the Photos:

Jenny Lake

Jenny Lake

Typical stretch of trail in the early miles

Grand Teton ahead

Spotted this fearless deer

Heading into Cascade Canyon

Moose sighting!

Heading into the cascade canyon

String Lake

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