Monday, September 9, 2013

Nevada Weekend Part 5 of 5 09/08/2013 - West Wendover

This series is all about my trip to Nevada for the Race to the Angel half marathon. For it to make sense be sure to start in chronological order.

At about 3pm I headed back from Elko.  It took about 80 minutes to make it to Wendover.  It was a really nice drive and I enjoyed the scenery.  I had driven from Wendover to Wells in the dark so I was able to see where my new miner friends worked as well as all the scenery I had missed.

By the time I made it to Wendover I was pretty tired -- and sweaty.  I pulled into Montego Bay as I wanted to catch the Sunday night football as well as hit a free buffet.  Due to their loyalty program every few weeks I "earn" another one.  So why not.  I swiped my card and got $5 worth of free play and my free buffet coupon.

I was tired and to be honest after all the action I had this weekend I didn't want to make another 2 hour drive home. I remembered I had a voucher for a free Sunday night room.  Heck, why not.  So I got into one of their suites for free.  How much better is that: free room, free play and free food!  I quickly changed and jumped in the pool and cooled off.

Afterwards I wasn't terribly hungry yet, so I sat in the sports book and watched the game.  I also did some gambling, turning in some meager profits...

My dinner was great and it was good to eat at a high-quality buffet again.  I pigged out on their spicy shrimp and regular shrimp.  Their pizza is also pretty good.  I've never had a bad meal at their buffet...

Afterwards I played Towers of the Temple and on my last spin (I invested $20) I hit a nice bonus round, nailing about 20 free spins.  I wound up cashing out with over $50.  That certainly helped put a dent into my sports book losses.

I wound up going to bed after 10:30, maybe closer to 11.  I set my alarm for 5AM, hoping to be on the road at 5:30 for the 100 minute drive back to Salt Lake.  I slept fitfully and was up at 4:45 and on the road at 5:15.  Driving through the desert that early and somewhat groggy is NOT fun.  I saw a number of people had pulled over to the side of the road to sleep.  It is just a straight shot of nothingness out there.  I kept the car cool and turned up the tunes... but it was so dark out there and sort of eery.

I wound up making it into work at 7 am on the button.  It took a while for me to shake the cobwebs out, but what a weekend.

I had the pool pretty much to myself.

My room.  My junk spewed everywhere.



Catfish and spicy shrimp. I love the spicy shrimp stuff they have

This cake was so good.

My big win!

Montego Bay at 5:15 AM

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