Friday, September 27, 2013

First snow in Utah 09-27-2013

Well, it looks like summer is finally over and the cold fingers of winter are encroaching upon the Salt Lake valley.  Just a few weeks ago I was complaining about the heat while trying to get some miles in on the bike trail and now I am debating on whether I need gloves for my run.  We are talking about a 30 degree temperature drop in the past week or two.

While I am excited about the cooler weather; I much prefer winter running over blazing heat, believe it or not. I am not looking forward to watching out for black ice and having to wait for roads to be plowed to get my miles in.  Thank goodness for the apartment treadmill for days like that.

I am also saddened that the hiking trails will be a little less accessible.  I am hoping to get into snow shoeing this winter and perhaps even trying my hand at skiing.  Last winter I sort of loafed around and played computer games all afternoon instead of venturing out.  This year I've made a few connections and hopefully someone will school me in the finer arts of enjoying the winter activities that Utah has to offer.

While I will be in Wendover this weekend enjoying another show and meals of extended gluttony I hope to get back to the trails soon: snow or no snow.

Enjoy the photos:

Early Thursday Morning from my office view

Early Friday Morning from my office view

On my run this afternoon at the top of Bengal Drive

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