Monday, September 2, 2013

Brighton Hike - Lake Catherine 09-02-2013 - Part 4

A little bit further along the trail lies Lake Catherine.  Lake Catherine is also accessible from Little Cottonwood Canyon, so there was a different breed of hikers here.  While there were still some children they were on the older side.  I did also meet some wonderful people who suggested I do the Sunset Peak trail.

I also found the weather getting more substantially colder and more threatening.  I was a good 1.75 miles out at this point and while I was amply prepared for rain (umbrella, a windbreaker and a sweatshirt).  While the climb to this point was mild, I knew the further I climbed the colder it would get.

Lake Catherine is in the middle of a grotto and is another serene lake.  The fisherman usually don't come this far back, but I was told this is the spot for fishing...

Enjoy the pictures:

Lake Catherine, Brighton Utah

Lake Catherine, Brighton Utah

Self shot at Lake Catherine....

Arial View...

Much higher arial view

Lake Catherine, Brighton Utah
Lake Catherine and Lake Mary in the distance

Lake Catherine, Brighton Utah

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