Sunday, September 22, 2013

19 Mile Training Run on 9/21

Once again, in preparation for the Las Vegas Marathon I decided to do a long run.  I hadn't done a proper one in quite some time and felt I needed to push the limits.  While I've done a pair of half marathons and another mid level run in weeks past, to keep the "marathon readiness" skill, I decided to go for minimally 18 with a max of 20, depending upon how I felt.

I had a high mileage week as well.  On Thursday I slogged through (actually ran the first 10 at a decent clip) so I was approaching this run on tired legs.  If everything went to plan I'd be hitting a 60 mile week, which I haven't seen in a LONG time... Suffice to say that is a good confidence builder when you can run 60 miles in a week.

To make it a little bit more interesting I did park in a new location so that if I did reach the upper limits of my run I'd be in "new" territory.  I don't think I'll park in the lot I did again, though.  While I did park near a busy street when I came back I found a new scratch on my car and my gas tank flap was open.  I half suspected that someone tried to siphon gas from my car and had pried open my gas tank door.  I didn't have much gas in my car or they didn't need much because I didn't notice any major decline.

Either way, the first 10 miles or so felt easy.  I basically ran a 9:00 min / mile, which is probably way too fast for the pace I want to run when I do a full marathon.  By mile 13 I was hurting but still for the most part I was enjoying my run.  My pace really fell off around mile 17 or so.

I did wind up taking pictures at every mile until the batteries ran out on my phone.  Luckily I do carry a spare but by the time I swapped the battery I had lost interest.

Either way here are the photos:

Just starting out

On a bridge, mile 1

Mile 2

Mile 3, cresting a mini hill

Mile 4 on my way to Taylorsville

Mile 5, Starts to get a bit more barren

Mile 6, more woods

Mile 7, more remote

Mile 8, it opens up. A lot more desolate

Mile 9. Never been this far north before.

Mile 9.5. Very desolate out here and sort of industrial. The trail was well maintained though.

I believe that is the I-80

Heading back

The Jordan River really widens out here

Bike trail involves some bridges

A nice park. Usually people are playing soccer / football here

Only a mile or two left.

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