Monday, December 15, 2014

This week in Running Dec 7 - Dec 13

Day Mileage / Workout Comments
Sunday 9 Easy. Was burned out at the end.
Monday 7 7M: .25 / .5 / 1M x 2 sets with 1.45 rest in between. 7:40 pace on each  
Tuesday 5 Easy
Wednesday 9 Medium Pace - who spiked my water, I am rocking!
Thursday 5 Medium Pace
Friday 3 Easy, run at work. Didn't want to get sweaty.
Saturday 5 Run through the City of Elko, NV: Pictures
Total miles for the week: 43- YTD: 1786.75

Week's Summary

Another good week in terms of overall volume.  If I hadn't gone away, I wouldn't easily cracked the 50 mile barrier again.  I also got in a good quality speed work out.  I wanted to do another one sometime in the week, but it just never worked out.

A lot of times at work I'd think: man I've got to get in a tempo run or it sure would be nice to get some intervals in.  Then my stomach acts up, or it is windy, or I am just too "tired".  Usually I talk myself out of it but this winter I am definitely trying to focus a bit more.

Also, I had a super cool run in the city of Elko.  If you haven't seen the photos, look back a few blog entries or click here.  Honestly, I really get a kick out of getting up early, taking a tour of the city with my cell phone and just snapping pictures.  It really keeps running fresh and interesting, knowing I can take any turn I want and see what lies around the corner.  Sometimes I am surprised at what I find and it makes me "know" the city even more by the time I leave.


The weather still remains simply: awesome.  I have never had a winter this nice in my 45 years.  It is shorts weather every day and at worst, I have to throw on a windbreaker.  I hope it remains this way, but I have a feeling it won't.  But I am enjoying every day of it.


Yes, I am doing it again this year.  Basically the challenge is to run at least one mile, every day, from Thanksgiving until New Years put on by Runner's World Magazine.  It is a goofy hash tag you can throw on your tweets that are running related.  So far, I am doing it, with a minimal mileage of 3 miles.  I did it last year and I liked the challenge but I definitely wouldn't want to do it indefinitely.  Sometimes it is a pain, especially on days I am just downright tired, but I am doing it and unless there is some sort of family emergency or injury, I'll wrap it in 2015.


Still no races.  Although there was a fun run 5K in Elko when I was there.  I was tempted to do it, but I am not really into fun runs.  Unless there is a competition and awards and such, I really have a hard time getting excited about it.  Also it was $30.  Might've been fun to say I've raced in Elko before, but the 1pm start time threw me off as well, because I had had a large breakfast.

Looking at the Utah race calendar, it does appear there are some good ones coming up in January though, so I am excited about that.

I keep getting emails from various races I've done so spring is getting closer and a new chance to run well and compete again.

Pictures of the Week

I took these while wrapping up a run sometime during the week.  The sun was setting and there were some incredible cloud formations with a cotton candy color to it.  This is one of my favorite parts of the trail at night because it offers such panoramic views of the western skyline.

Have a great week!

Looking west

Looking east

Looking west at the 215 freeway

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