Saturday, December 20, 2014

Salt Lake City Temple Square Christmas Lights

At the Little America Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City


On Friday night, Shari and I had the opportunity to meet a couple friend of ours in downtown Salt Lake City for dinner.  I don't know much about the downtown area, other than it is pretty easy to navigate, pretty easy to get to, and hard to get lost.  Since living here, I've only been down there about half a dozen times, if that.


We met at the Little America Cafe located in the Little America Hotel in the heart of the downtown area.  For a Friday night, it took me about 15 minutes from my doorstep to the hotel.  Pretty incredible actually considering rush hour, Friday night traffic.  Parking was a bit of a bear, as the Little America Hotel's lot was full and they were only letting people who were staying at the hotel park there.

So after dropping off Shari, I found a spot a block away.  

The hotel was really nicely decorated for the holidays and I probably took half a dozen photos of myself in front of various Christmas trees.  

When our friends arrived we jumped in line and since they were busy, it took about 45 minutes before we were seated.  They were swamped and it probably took another 45 minutes before our food arrived.  Food was good and it wasn't until close to 8:30 that we got out of the restaurant:

Pretty opulent bathrooms at the Little America Hotel

Pretty opulent bathrooms at the Little America Hotel

Trout Almondine Dinner

Salt Lake City Temple Square

I confessed during dinner that more than likely I'll be in Wendover for Christmas.  To be honest, nothing would make me happier to go for a morning run in the desert, have a huge buffet and then loaf around the resort all day.  I think my guests thought it was funny (and somewhat sacrilegious) that I'd be there and that I was in need for some Christmas spirit.

So, after dinner, we grabbed a train ride for a quick trip north a few blocks.  The train station was just outside the hotel and within 2 minutes we were in the heart of Temple Square.

To say that it was crowded would be an understatement.  Whether you are a member of the church (or not) this the place to go to, to be amazed by the lights and sites of Christmas.  I had heard rumors the church goes all out in their decorations, and I was not let down.

We've been blessed with nice weather and it was easy viewing all the lights.  There were some carolers and a lot of the buildings were open for visiting.  I've been to the temple many times during the day, but never at night. I was completely blown away with the decorations and lights.  I easily spent close to 40 minutes wandering around the square and around the mall. 

Enjoy the photos:

Nativity Scene

Fountain area with floating lights

Organ built in the 1800's


  1. Wow, those are amazing photos Eddie. I walked around the Square for a bit when I was waiting for my flight this Fall. It's an amazing and beautiful place.

  2. Thanks Jim. Yeah I was really impressed with it. I am not LDS and I wasn't / didn't feel pressured at all. Everyone was welcome and it was a really nice evening.