Saturday, December 20, 2014

This week in running Dec 14 - Dec 20

Day Mileage / Workout Comments
Sunday 5 Touring the seedy side of Elko
Monday 7 7M: .25 / .5 / 1M x 2 sets with 1.45 rest in between. 7:45 pace on each  
Tuesday 5 Easy
Wednesday 11 9.5 miles at half marathon pace (8:45). Awesome run
Thursday 5 Easy
Friday 4 Had things to do that evening. Short run.
Saturday 20 Roughly 3:10 or so. Really nice run.
Total miles for the week: 57- YTD: 1843.75

Week's Summary

Another solid week of training.  I think if I had been home on Sunday I would've logged a bit more miles.  But I only had limited amount of time to get in a run.

I had a decent speedwork session on Monday.  Although I really didn't have my "giddy-up" and while I completed the workout, it wasn't really my best.  I just felt "heavy"

I did have a really good run on Wednesday where I ran a solid 11 miles, most of it at half marathon pace.  I wasn't wearing a Garmin but using my phone's clock, I figured I was running roughly 8:45 - 8:50.  So it was fairly relaxed but at the same time, above my comfort zone.  I'd also really like to thank some stranger who I wound up "racing" for about 2 - 3 miles before I overtook him.  He provided a good pacer that didn't allow me to puss out.  When I did finally pass him, he was using "me" not to get passed.

Saturday's 20 mile run went really well.  I was shooting for 18, but had enough fuel and felt good enough to do 20.  I was still running in the low 9's at the finish and could've gone longer, but I was getting a "hot spot" on my foot that wasn't relenting.

New Products Tested

I am a big fan of GU in general and got to try 2 new flavors on today's 20 mile run.  First off was the Salted Caramel flavor.  Big thumbs up on this.  Tasted like the caramel they put on the Culvers sundaes.  It had just a hint of salt and if it wasn't for the hit of caffeine in them, I could see myself putting this on ice cream.  Seriously it was that good.

The next flavor was a decaffeinated root beer.  I wish it had a strong flavor to it but the consistency was right.  I'd definitely buy this flavor too.

Finally around mile 15 I had the chocolate one.  I've had the chocolate ones before and they remind me of canned frosting.  It is great for training runs but it doesn't go down very easily: it is thick.

I also had 16 ounces of Gu Brew, which might be half the reason why my longer runs are going as well as they are.   The make up of Gu Brew is similar to Alka Seltzer, however.  It does go down easily and it is light tasting.


Still no races carved in stone in the near future.  I did get an awesome Christmas deal though.  I signed up for a 15 mile race out in the Heber Valley for a whopping $28.  I haven't paid $28 for a half marathon deal -- well since forever.  Score for me.  The race is not until July and it is a twilight race along a reservoir.  You can learn more about the race here.

Injury Report

What started out as a niggling pain is starting to get worse.  If it wasn't for the dumb #RWRunStreak I'd probably already have taken some time off.  My right foot is NOT happy.  I am not sure what I did to it.  I am always rolling my ankle, so that could have something to do with it or it could be a lot worse: like a stress fracture. 

Believe it or not, it doesn't hurt when I run but afterwards and throughout the day there is a low grade throbbing.  No swelling, no bruising, nothing out of the ordinary except the middle of the top of my foot it hurts.  It smarts somewhere around the third and fourth metarsal.  I may just bail on the #RWRunStreak before this gets out of hand and I may go see a podiatrist to rule out my worst fears.

These types of overuse injuries go with the territory of running 40 - 50+ mile weeks unfortunately.  Hopefully it is just something that takes a week or two to resolve and not a season ending injury.

Otherwise I am feeling good.

Photos of the Week

My semi long runs during the middle of the week means I usually finish after dark.  I did snap a foggy Jordan River on Wednesday night as well going under the 215 Interstate bridge.  This bridge is probably a 40 yards long and you can hear the cars above you.  Thanks to the city of Murray for keeping the lights on.  

Also, me and Angel, my cat are resting after a long run:

Going under the 215 bridge in Murray

Angel sound asleep

Foggy Jordan River

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