Saturday, June 21, 2014

Running Report for 6/21/2014

Overall this was a solid week of training.  I put in close to 46 miles for the week, not bad considering I am still technically recovering from the Casper Marathon that I did 3 weeks ago.

Here is my daily running report:

Day Mileage / Workout Comments
Sunday 6/15 7 miles Easy workout - just enjoying the morning
Monday 6/16 4 miles Medium Pace with strides at the end
Tuesday 6/17 9 miles Very solid effort for most of the run. Felt good to turn it up a notch
Wednesday 6/19 4 miles Easy with strides and drills at the end
Thursday 6/20 14 miles Went out like gangbusters for 7.5 miles (I believe in about 65 minutes). Was way too hot and I paid the price for it. The last 7 miles back home was not fun
Friday 6/21 Off Did some core work, foam rolling and stretching
Saturday 6/22 7.75 miles 7 quarter mile repeats in 1:45 (average). Was going for an eighth but my legs weren't having it.
Total miles for the week: 45.75

I still find myself getting fatigued easily. Again, I don't think I am recovering as fast as I used to.

Also, keep in mind that I generally walk at lunch time -- to the tune of 10 more miles per week.

This week will likely be an easy / down week. I hit it hard last week too.

On a side note, after returning back from Casper a few weeks ago I weighed myself.  I was 177 pounds.  Many people would probably kill to weigh 177 pounds, but that is the heaviest I've ever been -- in my life.  The buffets and the free candy drawer at work has clearly taken a toll on my weight and body composition.  The past few weeks I've made a conscious effort to eat a bit better, work harder and try to at least restrain myself at the buffets.  I am proud to report I am starting to settle back into my normal weight of 172-ish.  I'd love to weigh in at the low 160's, which was where I was at during my racing prime.
Finally, here is a photo I took while running the other night. I love the sunsets here. Just think -- Nevada is another 100 miles over the distant mountains...

Race Updates

The mother in law is recovering well so all things point to allow me to get on with life soon.

I am hoping to make it out to Lamoille Canyon / Elko to run their half marathon.  I wish I had known that they had a full marathon ahead of time, I might've considered doing it.  Either way, I have to be there by 7pm on Friday night, which means I have to drop Shari and her mom off at the airport early on Friday and not miss a beat in making the 3 hour trip to Elko (I'd leave Salt Lake at about 3).  If my mother in law's health isn't good enough to warrant a flight (which may be likely) my plans could change.  I suppose I'll know more by Monday night.  If I do go out to Elko, I'll spend the weekend out there and see the sights.

Again, that can all change.  If that fails and I can do it, I'll  jump into another half marathon in Provo on Friday night (I believe a late night run).  I am itching to toe the line at a race and the night runs I thoroughly enjoy.

I remember I used to do 30+ races a year, now I eek out about 10 and I think that is why I've gotten a bit slower over the years: I am just not racing enough.  Also, I've been doing a lot more longer distance stuff where endurance trumps speed.  It is getting harder and harder for me to muster the energy for another 5K...

Either way, run well!

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