Sunday, June 15, 2014

Nevada Weekend Plans Dashed

  • Packed luggage - check
  • Wendover Hotel Reservation - check
  • Elko Hotel Reservation - check
  • Buffet / Meal Plans / Free Meal set - check
  • Beach Boys Concert Tickets - check
  • Car gassed up and ready to go - check
  • PTO Requested for Monday - check
  • Mother in law in from out of town to hit up the casinos - check

Sunday evening and the luggage remains....

Sadly, the big Nevada weekend that I was so looking forward to didn't happen.

The three of us: Shari, her mom and me, were planning on leaving Saturday morning and heading out to Wendover for some gambling and to see the sold out Beach Boys concert.  Following that, on Sunday we'd continue our way westward and and check out the casinos out there.  I had been to Elko before, but Shari and her mom hadn't so this was going to be all new territory for them.  Also I should point out that my mother in law is almost as big of a casino / buffet nut as I am...

On Saturday morning, however, about 3:30 AM my mother in law became ill.  I thought it was an allergic reaction to the antibiotics she was taking, but it turns out it was more serious and an ambulance was called. I figured at best they would have her settled down and we'd get a late start to Wendover, but at least we'd get there.

Unfortunately it turned into a serious infection and next thing you know you are dealing with extremely low blood pressure, heart issues, and everything else that happens when you are sick.  It appears my 81-year-old mother in law will be in the hospital for a good 4 - 5 days -- at best.  If we are lucky we might be able to hit up Nevada next weekend, but if I was betting on it, I'd bet it probably won't happen.  There aren't really any state-of-the-art facilities out there and nearest big name hospital is 100 miles away.  (We were thankful this didn't happen when we were in Wendover).

Just to give some props, the fine folks at Wendover Fun granted us a refund despite cancelling within about 4 hours of official check-in time -- including the concert tickets (I think I paid around $130 for the entire package).  I imagine they could easy resell them and the room would probably go for a lot more money than what I paid for it but none the less extremely cool of them.

It was just a let down to everyone involved.  We all were really excited about going (and they had a good high comp weekend) and it was all everyone could talk about.  I jokingly had said I had called the resorts to tell them we were coming and to be sure they had plenty of shrimp and cakes.

My mother in law appears to be pulling through but you are never in the clear until you are able to walk out those hospital doors.

If I am lucky I may be able to hit up Elko at the end of June for their half marathon.  Lamoille Canyon should be erupting in flowers at that time, so it should be a good photo opportunity.  We'll see what the next few weeks brings.

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  1. bummer about the trip, thoughts and prayers for your Mother in law