Sunday, June 29, 2014

Broads Fork Trail Hike 06-29-2014

Today I went hiking and finished off the last trail at the S-curve in Big Cottonwood Canyon.  This little known train sits on the west side of the parking lot and isn't well traveled.  In fact, on the 2 mile hike I only saw a dozen people, if that.  Despite the parking lot being full, this trail just isn't used as much.

Sadly people are missing out on a pretty decent hike.

There is a small lake at the end of the 2 mile hike... however if it is more than 6 inches deep I'd be surprised.  What hikers are treated to, though, is a nice view of the snow covered Twin Peaks.

This trail isn't for the faint of heart and there are some relentless climbs on this.  It isn't too much different from Lake Blanche's trail, in terms of intensity though. Since this trail is on the west side of the mountain, it is a great trail to hike in terms of shade.  There was very little direct sunlight (except at the top).

Since this trail is less used, I totally expected to see a moose on the trail.  Thankfully, that event didn't happen.

The trail went further than the little pond at the end but I opted to enjoy the pond before turning back.  Ideally this can be a very quick hike with a pretty good payoff at the end.

Enjoy the photos:

Broad's Peak Trail Head

Standing on a bridge - the bridge marks the half way point

Some nice wild flowers coming into bloom

First basin

Grove of Cedars

View looking north

Just about to the unnamed pond / lake

Looking at the twin peaks

Looking north from the lake

Nice place to sit while admiring the lake and Twin Peaks

You will have to cross this bridge, only about knee deep of water though.

Rock climbers practicing on the trail

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