Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fort Casper Museum - Casper, Wyoming

After running the marathon, I wasn't too good for anything.  I had thought about going to a park or wandering around the downtown area of Casper Wyoming, but opted instead to hit up the Fort Casper Museum.  I had read online that for $3 you basically got admission to their museum followed by a self directed tour of the fort itself.

The fort was rebuilt in 1936, so what I saw wasn't the real thing, but actually a best-guess approximation of what the settlement might've looked like in the mid 1800's.  Each of the buildings were well furnished with equipment, furniture, and other miscellaneous stuff.  You could peer into each of them, read the accompanying diagram and get an understanding of what life might've been like at that period.

The museum itself was a smorgasbord of curiosities.   Some of it was items related to Casper and its western history, while others seems to be odds and ends that the museum had picked up.  It was interesting, however, to learn about the history of Casper as well as see what the downtown area looked like about a hundred years ago.

For the $3 I spent, this was a great bargain.  I easily spent an hour looking over things and there was an information overload from the number of exhibits and things to check out.  I really enjoyed this stop and visitors to Casper are well-advised to check it out.

Oregon Trail Marker

Fort Caspar Museum Entrance

Triple Bell Slot Machine from Bally Entertainment

Triple Bell Slot Machine from Bally Entertainment

Fort Caspar Grounds

Blacksmith Cabin

Stockade / Commissary

Captain's Quarterse


Another supply room at Fort Caspar

Soldier's Quarters

Soldier's Quarters

Soldier's Quarters

Fort Caspar Grounds

Typical Covered Wagon used to cross the United States

Information on the Pony Express

Casper Lore

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