Sunday, April 29, 2018

Highway 50 - The Rest of the Trip

Show Tree just out side of Middlegate Nevada


After heading out of Austin, we continued westward.  Our ultimate destination was the Best Western in Fallon.

This stretch of road actually had a bit more traffic.  Not a lot more, but there were definitely a few more cars.  It was, however, still lonely territory.

We did get caught in a one lane area almost immediately upon exiting Austin.  They said to expect delays of about 20 - 30 minutes and we certainly did get caught for 30 minutes.  I think once the guy got back from escorting a set of cars, he wound up using the porta-john for 5 minutes.  Ugh.

Just outside of Middlegate we ran into a shoe tree.  There were literally hundreds of shoes thrown in a tree.  It sort of comes up on you and if you are expecting it, you can easily miss it.  I had to check it out.  I wound up turning around and just marveling and wondering how many shoes were on the tree.

Just outside of Fallon (which there seemed to be a TON of things to do) we stopped by a Sand Dune park.  I was already really tired and I wanted nothing more than to just stop driving.  If I had about an extra hour to kill I would've climbed the sand dune.  It also looked like a nice place to camp or take an ATV out.

I think I've driven through a bit of Fallon before.  It is a fairly large town and probably the biggest town if you driving west once you the start the Highway 50 Trip.  There were casinos and a bunch of restaurants as well.  We wound up eating at a Vietnamese place that was recommended to us.

I didn't gamble at all in Fallon as I hadn't had much luck so far in the trip.

In the morning we went to Fort Churchill, which was about a half hour out of town.  We also stopped at Lahonton Reservoir.  I just took some photos from a turn off and I think if I was into fishing, this would've been the place to be:

I finally got my final stamp at the Dayton Chamber of Commerce.  The lady there was extremely nice and got my a Highway 50 bandanna keepsake.

After getting my final stamp, I almost opted to get a stamp in Carson City's Chamber of Commerce. However, it was approaching lunch time and the Fandango Casino's lunch buffet was closing soon.  I already had my 5 though.  I wound up gambling for a while at Fandango as well.  It is our favorite casino in Carson City....

From there we made the 30 minute drive from Carson City to Reno, where I picked up my bib for the Reno Half Marathon.

All in all, if you like wide open roads, Highway 50 is a lot of fun.  This was a total bucket list item for me and I really loved it.

Me outside of Fort Churchill

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