Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Highway 50 - Austin Nevada


The last visit for the day along Highway 50 was Austin, NV.  This town is quite similar to Eureka, but seemed even smaller.

I was starving so we wound up eating at Toiyabe Cafe which had great service and pretty good food.  Also, it was an easy stop to get my passport stamped (stamp #4)

The town is very much shaped liked Eureka.  A main drag that is surrounded by some thriving businesses, and some not so much.  You can easily walk the streets in under 20 minutes, which is about what I did.

The area is incredibly beautiful though.  You are at high elevation, so the temperature is definitely cooler but the area still has a Nevada feel to it.  Our waiter at the Toiyabe Cafe also said that the population was about 160, including cats and dogs (it is actually closer to 200).  However, the town did have a desolate feeling to it.  I did not see a grocery store of any kind, so it left me wondering where people get groceries from.

The town is definitely worth a visit, and be sure to swing by Stokes Castle at the west end of town.

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