Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Highway 50 - Stop 4 - Hickison Petroglyphs Recreation Area


About 40 minutes outside of Eureka, we decided to make a stop at Hickison Petroglpyhs Recreation Area.  Like most of Highway 50, we had the place to ourselves.  

There is ample parking here along with restrooms.  There are also picnic areas.  The parking lot is located less than a mile off the road and wasn't a problem to get to in a regular car.

The area includes a fairly short hike -- don't be surprised if you are winded here as you are up in elevation -- that takes you by some ancient carvings in the soft, red rocks surrounding the area.  A lot of the artwork has faded over time due to erosion, weathering and vandals.

That being said, there is a lot remaining and is worth a quick look.  We also enjoyed the roughly 1 mile hike that takes you to an overlook, where you can see for miles to the west.  We were fortunate to have awesome weather and it was worth the 30 - 45 minute detour.  I suspect there were a few other trails in the area, but they may have gone into private property.

A lot of people pass by this, but this place is definitely worth a visit.  

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