Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Fort Churchill State Historic Park - Silver Springs, NV


Fort Churchill (named after an army inspector) was a very short detour on my Highway 50 Tour.  I had just spent the night in Fallon and before continuing on my Highway 50 I make a quick jaunt down Alt-95 south of Silver Springs.  The detour took all of about 15 minutes and was a fairly short drive.

The fort is easy to find, well maintained and costs $5 to get in.  The area isn't near much and one can imagine the simplicity and remoteness of possibly living there in the 1800's.  I guess people with privileges made their way to Virginia City for entertainment -- which was at least a good hour away via car.

The fort is mostly ruins now, but many of the structures' shells remain.  You cannot (or aren't supposed) to access them but you can easily see how the people lived and what the conditions were like.  

There is also a museum area where you can learn about the history.

The main point of interest is about a half mile walk that circles the grounds.  You can peer into each of the buildings and many have historical information that tell you more about it.

All told, you can probably spend a good hour here.  There are bathrooms and drinking water here.  Definitely worth a stop.

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