Saturday, February 11, 2017

This Week in Running 2/5 - 2/11

Me Finishing the crossing line at the Winter Striders 5

DayMileage / WorkoutComments
Sunday94M x 9:00 min / mile, .5M easy, 2M in 8;45 each
Tuesday7Medium paced run.
Wednesday71M easy, 2.5 hard, 3.5M easy. 
Thursday5Easy tonight
Saturday4Winter Striders 5K Race
Total miles for the week: 32; YTD: 256.75

Week's Summary

Wow, 3 hard workouts this week.  I doubled up on the hard works out on Sunday -- after Saturday's long run.  I didn't think I would have a great run but the weather was right and I just felt fast.  And so I just hit a really nicely paced run.  It felt good also because I was on semi-dead legs from the previous day's run.

Then on Wednesday I wasn't really sure what I was doing in terms of pace when I spied another runner about a quarter of a mile who I knew ran a solid pace.  My goal at that point was to catch said runner or at least maintain a pace with them.

Well, I worked my way up and eventually passed said runner.  It took a lot of effort to pass them, but when I did, it felt like a race effort.

My overall volume is down this week on account of a taper and no weekend long run.  Also I raced this weekend, so I wanted to have some freshness in my legs for my 5K.

Marathon Chosen

Well I finally picked my marathon: The Lost Dutchman Marathon.  It fits nicely into my schedule and and has a nice course profile.

I have an extensive weekend trip planned for it and am definitely looking forward to it.

Yes, I have done Arizona before, but this fit into my schedule as well as my budget.

Upcoming Races

02/19: Lost Dutchman Marathon - Apache Junction, AZ (Confirmed)
02/25: Winter Striders Race Circuit 10K - Ogden UT (Confirmed)
03/04: Legacy Half Marathon - Bountiful, UT (Confirmed)
03/18: Winter Striders Race Circuit 10 Mile - Ogden UT (Confirmed)
03/18: 6 Tunnels Half Marathon - Boulder City, NV (Confirmed)
04/08: Winter Striders Race Circuit Half Marathon - Huntsville, UT (Confirmed)
04/15: Salt Lake City Marathon - Salt Lake City, UT (Confirmed) (2017)
04/29: Winter Striders Race Circuit 30K - Huntsville, UT (Confirmed)
06/24: Utah Midnight Half Marathon - Provo, UT (Confirmed)
07/07: Utah Midnight (Legacy) Half Marathon - Farmington, UT (Confirmed)
11/12: Las Vegas Marathon - Las Vegas, NV (Confirmed)

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