Saturday, February 25, 2017

2017 Winter Striders 10K Race Recap - Ogden, Utah

Official Time: 55:18
Placement: 7th in age group, 90th overall
Results: Here
Race Website:Here
Weather: Lower 20's, slight southern wind
Garmin Dump:  Here

Mile Time Comments
1 8:28 Sluggish start but second half of this mile is downhill
27:39Couldn't jet down the massive downhill.  Slippery conditions
38:29Some climbing here mixed with downhill. Felt flat though. Nice mile
48:57Some climbing here. Mostly flat but conserving energy
510:30This is where things get tough. Nearly 200 feet of climbing
610:02Another 140 feet of climbing. Tiny bit of downhill at the end
6.171:13Mostly downhill here. Not much left in the tank
Total Miles: 6.17


Like last year, I signed up for the Ogden Marathon Winter Race Series.  This is a race series designed to get you race ready for the Ogden Marathon or Half Marathon.  For one low price, you get 5 races, a 5K, 10K, 10M, Half marathon and 30K.  So it works out to be a pretty nice deal.

Today's race was the 10K.

I had hopes I'd do well.  I felt like I've turned the corner with my cold and despite a lackluster week of training, I felt like I could make a decent showing.

I was a little worried upon getting there though.  The week had started out fairly warm and spring like, however, as the week wore on, it got colder -- like 21F-ish colder.  Couple that with the fact that it had snowed a bit.

Being that this course is hilly I was worried about slipping.  Even on the way into pick up my bib I slipped a little on the driveway around the Dee Events Center.

About 30 minutes before the race. Looking slick

The Race

The 10K is really not an easy race.  Like the 5K, it has a lot of hills.  The race starts with a gentle ascent that if you aren't ready for, will leave you breathless (also considering you are at 4500 feet).  However, once you get to about the half mile mark the fun starts.  You are greeted with a fantastic downhill.

I was really nervous about taking the downhill fast.  By the time the race had started, the road conditions weren't as bad as the picture above, but it was still slick looking.  While I wasn't feeling any slipperiness underfoot I didn't want to be the first to fall flat on my face.

So I was definitely braking on the downhills.

I ran the first 5K in about 25:19, which for me was about where I wanted to be.  I felt good for the most part, but I think last week's half marathon and the fact that I am still struggling to breath a bit from my cold.  

I dialed it back a bit but I felt like I was making okay progress.  I knew the hardest part of the race was coming up as well.  All the downhills we had would now have to be made up.

Starting at about mile 4.5, the monkey is on your back and it is almost a straight climb back to the starting line.  I knew it was going to be tough, and I felt a little empowered by passing some of the people who were walking (or those who had run the short course).  But I really didn't have a lot here and even at the end, when it is mostly downhill, I couldn't turn on the jets.


After crossing the finish line, I grabbed a cup of coffee and thankfully they had a few donut holes (thanks JS!)  My hands were frozen due to me wearing paper-thin gloves, but the rest of me was fine.  I was definitely chilled though and I was one of the few in shorts.

I was really disappointed with my time.  I do realize the conditions were tough and I was under the weather, but I was really hoping to get very close to last year's time (52 and change).

I lingered around a bit a trying to figure out what to do with myself.  I had visions of going hiking or going to Crystal Springs.  I wound up going out for breakfast at the Cafe Ville Bella.  I had wanted to go there last time I had raced in Ogden but they hadn't opened.  Had a huge breakfast and it was close by to the race.  Always fun trying something new!


  1. I'm a new runner and I'm running this circuit with my husband. I appreciate you sharing your experiences!

    1. Awesome! It is a good race series. The 10 mile one is going to be a challenge. It is basically a marriage of the 5K and 10K courses. I ran it last year and have a course profile / write up for it as well.

    2. We ran it today and it, indeed, was a challenge! I was definitely at the bottom of the pack, but I finished and I'm improving my time each race. Progress!

    3. Cool Nancy. I'll be at the half marathon in a few weeks. That is a fast course and an enjoyable run.