Sunday, February 19, 2017

Scottsdale Arizona Trail Hike


While in Arizona this past weekend my brother and I were looking for something to kill some time at.  My brother had heard that there were some nice trails just north of the city and so we decided to pull up into the parking lot and do some exploring.

Being that it was February, the weather was cooler and it was raining.  We weren't really dressed for hiking but we went out anyways. 

There is a big difference between this trail and the Utah ones I've done.  Generally speaking, this trail was mostly flat and not a quad burner.  I was still working up a good pant though as we made our way down the well-defined trail.

There were quite a few other hikers and trail runners out there and I got some beautiful pictures of the mountains.

I really didn't capture where I was for this hike, but it was a really nice and fairly short adventure.  The smell was incredible too -- the sagebrush and desert fauna were just a treat to all the senses.  I'd love to explore this trail a lot more but with a half marathon looming in the future, I didn't want to kill my legs.

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