Monday, February 13, 2017

Lovelock Nevada - Town Visit


On my way from Elko to Reno, I decided to make a stop in Lovelock Nevada.

About the most prominent part of Lovelock is the penitentiary outside of town which houses some notorious criminals.  However, I wanted to explore the town and decided to pull off I-80 and drive from one end of town to the other.

At first there isn't much to the town but I made my way to the center of town and found the courthouse.  It is one of the few circular courthouses and has quite a bit of history.  I managed to walk around a bit and check out the interior.  The bathroom and fixtures throughout was something out of a black and white movie.  High ceilings, a certain old smell, and frosted glass windows on the doors -- just reminded me of something out of the Three Stooges era.

Behind the courthouse is a shrine of sorts for lovers. Apparently local businesses sell locks to attach to some chain linked fences and the custom is for you to put you and your mate's name on it and lock it to the fence.  There were literally hundreds of them. 

Many of the locks looked really old but looking at the dates, they weren't terribly old.  Some locks also have people's anniversary dates on them so it gives you the impression that they are older than they are.  It was certainly impressive to see how many there were.

Seems like a fitting place to visit for Valentine's Day.

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