Sunday, July 5, 2015

Thomas Canyon Hike - Lamoille Nevada


On yesterday's hike I was fortunate enough to meet John a fellow hiker who I had asked to snap my picture.  Turns out he has lived in the area for the past 40 years and it gave me an excellent opportunity to ask where other trails are.  

Having done the lakes at the top of Lamoille Canyon, I was sort of looking for something different.  He suggested Thomas Canyon.  Thomas Canyon is about 2/3rds up the way to the top and appears to be nothing more than a campground.  But there is indeed a trail that has a nice payoff at the end.

Thomas Canyon

I arrived just after 11AM -- a little late but I managed to snag the last parking spot available to hikers (I am not sure where I would've parked if I hadn't gotten this spot).  After asking around, I found the trail towards the back of the campground.

The temperature was cool with pending rain.  Undaunted, I started along the trail and the first half mile or so is a decent ascent -- nothing serious but certainly a solid workout.  

All along the trail you hug a roaring creek that is fed by the snow melt from the top of the mountain.  There is hardly a section of the trail where you can't hear the roaring rapids.

There were a few people on the trail and once I reached the top, I ran into John, the hiker I had met yesterday.  He gave me more suggestions for hikes for the future, so that was cool.

I figured the hike starts at about 7000 feet and probably winds up at about 8500.  The hike itself took me no more than an hour and my guess was that it was at least 2 miles but less than 2.5.  I should've worn a Garmin.  Either way the trail was well defined but rocky for the most part.

The trail on the way up is surrounded by high cliffs -- which I am told you can occasionally see mountain goats on.  Also the wild flowers were absolutely out in force.  There was a massive bouquet of them just about everywhere you looked.

After about 40 minutes the trail completely flattens out and leaves you in a meadow.  Another quarter mile or so and it comes to an end (you can trailblaze on your own if you want but it looks very rugged)  A pair of water falls feed water into Thomas Creek.

I kicked back up there but it was a lot colder.  I had brought an extra shirt, which helped. 

This is really a good hike and doesn't require any special equipment or a lot of skill.  There are some amazing scenes here and if you time it right the wild flowers are absolutely stunning.

Enjoy the photos:

View from the parking lot

Just starting out -- roaring rapids

Typical ascent

First major waterfall

Levels out some here

Mini waterfall

Another waterfall

Another waterfall

My destination lies ahead

Thomas Lake if you want to call it that

Thomas Lake if you want to call it that

The meadow before the end

Thomas Canyon

Thomas Canyon

Heading back down

Heading back down

Awesome for plantar fasciitis

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