Saturday, July 25, 2015

This week in running July 19 - 25

DayMileage / WorkoutComments
Sunday19Mostly around marathon pace. Didn't die so solid run
Monday11Actually felt incredible today. Rocked this 11 out.
Tuesday9Good run at the start, but then faded at the end.
Wednesday5100% easy. Not even sure this was a run.
ThursdayOffNeeded a rest day -- bad.
Friday13.1Handcart Half Marathon
Saturday11Easy to Medium pace with strides at the end
Total miles for the week: 68 - YTD: 1396

Week's Summary

This was a pretty decent week in terms of overall volume for me.  I was shooting for at least in the 70's but came up slightly short.  Granted, I was racing on Friday and I didn't want to run on totally dead legs.

The Nineteen mile Sunday run went really well too.  It got a little warm near the end but I did manage to knock back some sub-marathon pace miles at the end, much to my delight.  I also had two nice runs on Monday and Tuesday.  These are all good indications that my legs are getting more resilient to more miles, which is a good thing when it comes to the marathon.

I really need to buckle down in terms of getting a bit more structured training in, though.  That is becoming more apparent to me especially in this weekend's half marathon.  My usual mode is to run by feel and I go by "whatever".  This works for general fitness and isn't too bad for marathon training (as it builds volume) but it doesn't help with speed.  It is just difficult to train in the summer with the heat.

I have another half marathon this Friday night.  It has been a tradition of mine to do this race since 2012.  So I don't expect this week to be a super high mileage week at all on account of that.  I do hope to get in a run of 12 - 15 at some point though.

Upcoming Races

07/31: Legacy Midnight Run - Half Marathon - Farmington Utah (definite)
09/5: Jackson Hole Wyoming Marathon (very very probable - I booked the hotel)
10/18: Denver Rock n Roll Marathon or Duke City Marathon (planning stages, Duke City is leading the way)
11/15: Las Vegas Marathon (definite)

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