Sunday, July 12, 2015

Grotto Trail Falls Hike - Payson Utah

Grotto Falls


I've been told to check out the Nebo Loop, which starts in Payson and makes a circuitous route into Nephi.  A friend of mine wanted to see Grotto Falls, which is located in the Nebo Loop and is supposedly one of the top water falls to see in the state of Utah.

So without much further ado, we headed south for about 45 minutes and followed some signs to the entrance to the Nebo Loop.

The Falls

It was about 10 miles of driving before Nebo Loop got fairly interesting.  We had seen some campsites and turn offs, but the Grotto Trail appeared to be the first trail on the Nebo Loop.

The trail itself takes about five minutes of hiking (if that) to get to the falls.  You will have to cross 1 foot wide wooden planks to get across a tiny creek (unless you want to get your feet wet) 

The Grotto Falls trail is swamped with kids so don't expect much solitude there.  It is definitely a family friendly hike and easy for the little ones to do and the payoff happens quick enough before they lose interest.

Basically a stream enters in a cavern and creates a waterfall.  It isn't terribly spectacular but it is interesting and kids generally have a blast playing in the pools of water at the base.  Perfect for a hot day.

Enjoy the photos:

View from the parking lot

Rock formation near the falls

Some of the hiking required to access the falls

Grotto Falls

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