Saturday, July 4, 2015

Little Church at the Crossroads -- Lamoille Nevada


For quite some time I've wanted to visit the Presbyterian Church in Lamoille -- also known as the Little Church at the Crossroads.  This is a famous destination of sorts for people visiting the Elko area as the church sits at the end of the paved road.

Since it was just another mile or so past the entrance of Lamoille Canyon I figured why not locate it and snap a few pictures.

The Church at the Crossroads

I totally fell in love with the area where the church was located.  There were a ton of majestic farm fields spreading across the Lamoille and Ruby Valley.  Just miles and miles of open land and dirt roads.  I was so incredibly tempted to just go for a run right there.

There was a service going on at the church, so I couldn't photograph the interior, but the outside is a classic white church that obviously was built sometime ago (1905 according to their website).  I've seen photos of this church in the winter and they decorate it to a "t".

I've included here a bunch of photos of the surrounding area and the church itself.  If you find yourself traveling through bucolic Lamoille, this is definitely worth stopping and admiring but probably not worth the trip from Elko itself.

Looking south at Lamoille Canyon from the Church

Older farm -- looking east

Front entrance

Open grassland to the north

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