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South Davis Sweethearts 5K Race Recap - Bountiful, Utah

Official Time: 23;46
Placement: 47 place overall, 5th in the 45 - 49 age group.
Results: Here
Race Website:Here
Weather: Lower to mid 40's, no wind.

Mile Time Comments
1 7:15 I wanted to run 7:30 but the downhill kept me moving. Felt good though
27:42Slowly climbing at this point. 
38:03This mile is always the toughest on this course. Just a steady grind up.
3.10:35Booked to the finish
Total Miles: 3.07

Bountiful Sweethearts 5K Race with elevation profile.


I've run the South Davis Recreation Center's Sweethearts 5K now three times.  In a way, it has become a Valentine's Day tradition for me.  You can read my previous recaps here:  2013 and 2014

Located about 25 minutes north of my house, this race is a no brainer.  It is about $20 to register (which I did at the Thanksgiving Day Race) and they always put on a good race.  You have clean bathrooms, a decent finisher's medal and plenty of food and some really nice awards -- if you are lucky enough to finish in your age group.

Full parking lot at the South Davis Recreation Center in Bountiful, UT

The Event

It's been a while since I've raced a 5K.  All my training has been marathon paced.  I am not a big believer that racking up miles is a good way to do well in a 5K.  For a marathon, yes, 5K? Not really.  When I wrapped up the Thanksgiving Day races, I was just a hair over 24 minutes.  I was starting to worry that this was the beginning of the end in terms of 5K racing.  Would I hit 25 minutes?

I am happy to report that I did run a 23:46 which is a good 30 seconds faster than what I did on Thanksgiving.  At least this is yet another race where I am heading in the right direction.

The race started at 9AM and I rolled in at 8, collected my swag bag and then wandered around the workout facility and listened to music.  Around 8:30 I did a shakeout run and some drills.  I cycled through the bathrooms a few times as well.

The race started slightly after 9AM and 500+ runners and I hit the first mile in good stride.  The 1st mile is largely downhill and once you hit 1.25 miles, the fun begins.  You round a corner and then you see a slow incline.  Luckily that stretch of road is only about a quarter mile long and then once you turn the corner, you see that the last half of the race is entirely uphill.  Imagine turning on a treadmill to 2% - 3% incline and you have what this race is like.

I was really pushing the last mile and I was getting upset with myself when I saw my pace was 8:45-ish at times.  I was like "Come on, I ran faster than this at mile 14 in my most recent marathon!"  I honestly gave it all I got and I was happy with my finish and my time.  Once again, this is another race where I improved on a time, so something "might" be working for me.

Post Race

This race gives our premium finisher's medals.  I grabbed a protein drink and eye balled the prizes.  Unfortunately my runner card said I finished in 5th, so no swag for me.  Last year I got ripped off.  My card said I was in 4th but when I saw the official listing, I was in 3rd.  I never did get a prize from last year.

Check out the prizes from this year:

After socializing a bit with a cool doctor that happens to work at the hospital I went to I wound up taking off and headed north to the Crystal Hot Springs in Honeyville Utah.  I've been itching to go up there for a LONG time.  Faithful readers may recall that I ran the Lucky 13 Half Marathon there last year.  

The springs are located about 40 minutes past Bountiful and I made the trek up there.  I spent a good 90 minutes soaking and relaxing.  By the time I made it up there, it was pushing 50 degrees and the water and air temperature was perfect.  I felt like a new man:

After cleaning up and sucking down an entire bottle of Gatorade (the salty springs will dehydrate you pretty quickly), I wound up driving south to Layton and hit up my favorite Golden Corral.  For Valentine's Day, it was a zoo, but I managed to eat a healthy meal and not get too carried away.


I really lived it up today and I had a blast.  I ran a pretty good race -- although a very far cry from my fastest 5Ks.  I got to go to the Hot Springs and just relax (although relax might be too strong of a word -- there are a TON of kids there) and polished it off with a nice meal at the Corral.  

I am hoping to run a few more shorter races to really dial in my speed again.  

The Recreation center certainly delivers on a good race and they kept the price very reasonable.  Especially with all the goodies they hand out: protein drinks, fruit, bagels, sports drink and even a finisher's medal.  I'll definitely continue to run their races, although I am not a big fan of the 5K course.  It isn't an easy one, but it certainly is honest.

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