Sunday, October 19, 2014

This week in Running Oct 12 - 18

Day Mileage / Workout Comments
Sunday 4 1.5 Medium Paced, 1.5 Hard in the rain
Monday 5 Easy run
Tuesday Off Tapering for The Marathon
Wednesday Off Tapering
Thursday 4 Easy
Friday Off
Saturday 26.25 SoJo Marathon
Total miles for the week: 39.25 - YTD: 1444.75

Week's Summary

Most of the this week was dedicated to resting / tapering for the SoJo marathon, which I finished in 4:22:50.  Not my greatest race, but certainly not my worst.  Again, I feel bad because I used to regularly clock marathons in at 3:38. Now, I am almost an hour slower.

Life was busy this week.  There has been some fire fighting issues at work and I had to put in some extra hours.  I am glad this was a light week in terms of training, as I am not sure I could've gotten a regular week in.

In addition, the bike trail's trees are starting to change and the next week or two should have some gorgeous fall foliage.  My long run should be that much more enjoyable.

My left Achilles has been cranky of late.  This could be the culprit.  I did some research and my trusty Brooks Adrenaline shoes have gone through a bit of an adjustment.  The GTS 12 had a heel drop of 12.8mm.  Now my GTS 14 has is 11.1, nearly a 10% change.  Generally, the higher the heel drop, the less stress on your calves and Achilles. Looks like I am going to have to get some heel lifts.

Upcoming Races

There are some exciting races coming up.  I have to taper my exuberance towards running all the races versus being injury free and ready to rock the Vegas marathon, which is about 4 weeks away.

So here are my priorities:

1) Recover from the SoJo Marathon
2) Log at least one more 18 - 21 mile training run
3) I'd like to race the Sandy Thanksgiving 5K in two weeks (only $18)
4) Looks like there is an affordable half marathon in Layton next weekend (only $40).

So many races, so little time...

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