Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Winter Antelope Island Trip 1-1-2014

In an effort to stave off boredom and cabin fever, Shari and I headed out to Antelope Island.  This island is about 45 minutes from the hotel and is located in Syracuse, Utah.  You basically take the 15 freeway north to Layton / Antelope Island exit, drive about 9 miles west and you are greeted with a rare treat.  This island is absolutely stunning and has a wide variety of views and animals to see.

To get onto the island, you pay a day fee ($10) drive along a 7 mile long causeway (all the while enjoying the smell of the Great Salt Lake) and then you get to explore the island.  There are no residents on the island, but there is a ranch that was used by settlers a 150 years ago there as well as a visitor center.

If you are lucky, you can get up close (but not too close) to the 500 - 700 wandering buffalo that inhabit the island.  When we went last fall, we were bombarded with herds of them.  This time -- not so much.  We did spy a few as well as a coyote that was perched on a rock watching traffic go by.

Antelope island is a great day visit and if you enjoy cycling, you can pretty much tour the island on your bicycle.  It is also an ideal place to have a picnic.

There are a few trails on the island, but today wasn't a hiking day for me.

I do wish the inversion layer was gone today as I would've gotten some absolutely stunning photos but alas that wasn't the case.  Either way, enjoy the photos I took:

Me posing with an antelope - causeway in the distance

The Frozen Great Salt Lake

Part of the causeway to the island

Parking lot of the marina

Frozen Great Salt Lake

Notice the snow crystals.

Notice the coyote. He was perched on the rock to the right

Frary Peak Trail Head

View near Frary Peak

Lots of horse riders there today

The causeway - Syracuse Utah is in the distance

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